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  • exporting goods

    So far I have only sold my jewellery within the UK. Ihave had an enquiry from Ireland
    which I have said is fine.
    Is there anything I need to be aware off when sending goods outside the UK.
    I'd like to be able to sell abroad in the future.


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    Hello tingo

    I haven't found any problems selling items to Ireland, the only things is postage is higher because it gets sent air mail, but the funny thing is i am based in Northern Ireland.

    Hope you this helps
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      The two things I know about are that there may be duties to be paid by the recipient, although for EEC countries, I don't think this will apply. It's probably a good idea to have a sentence about this in your t&c's.

      And VAT - if you're VAT registered, you'll need to know what to do. Sorry, I can't help there, as I'm not registered. I think that you don't charge it, but I'm not sure.

      For non EEC countries, you have to fill in a sticker stating the goods and their value, and it goes on the front of the parcel.

      Otherwise, no, just post the goods.
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        I won't post without using 'International Signed For' or 'Airsure' any more; it's the only way you get covered for losses and damages, and I've been stung too often.
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          I know some insurance companies won't cover you if you sell to the US or Canada, I think it's because of the sue culture over there.
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            I found with my insurer that you are insured to all EEC countries but US, Canada and Australia were excluded UNLESS my terms and conditions clearly stated that '' All purchases were made subject to UK law ''. Best to check with your insurer.

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              My experience is the same as Nattynetty and Mo in that my insurance broker pointed out the terms and conditions, namely that I need to state that UK legislation applies to any of my sales (because of the high litigation rate in some countries). So, I can sell to any country but if there is a dispute the UK legislation applies to resolving it.


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                That's brilliant tips guys - thanks very much.



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                  As long as your terms are stated, you have proof of postage or tracking... it's all pretty straight forward, I not only sell globally I also do commission work from all over the globe too..... I've never had a n issue or a lost parcel.. a few have taken more than their expected time ... for some reason this always occurs in the mid west USA !!
                  Please remeber any requests from Canada at the moment is a real issue as there is almost a total ban on any post or packages to Canada, Royal Mail are not accepting anything going to Canada until they resolve their massive mail strike.
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