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Taking Payments by Credit or Debit Cards

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  • Taking Payments by Credit or Debit Cards

    I am slowly getting my act together and will be selling at some craft fairs in the near future, some of my items retail will retail for over £50 and I was wondering wether to get a machine to take credit cards.

    My problem is I live in rural Devon, some of the craft fairs offer electric some don't so it is difficult to keep things like laptops or terminal and phones fully charged. Also because of the nature of the area in some places you cannot get a mobile signal.

    I have had a look at some providers and find it all confusing and very expensive and was wondering what the best option would be.

    My website accepts paypal and I was thinking perhaps about using a mobile phone or laptop to take payments, but I am not sure if it was possible, getting a credit card terminal does not really seem like sense when it is anly used 2 or 3 times a month.

    Any advice appreciated


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    I have a mobile terminal which uses a Vodafone sim card so not plugged in (except for charging), but you're right, in some area, the signal can be poor.
    It cost £81 every quarter. I hire the terminal with 123send and have a merchant account with Streamline. Then there are the fees that charge Streamline charges per card payment. It's cheaper than Paypal when I'd made a comparison a while back.

    Have a look at what the Market Traders Federation offer, I think they have a solution to suit traders.
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