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  • Car Insurance?

    Do any of you guys transport your stock to markets in your own personal car? I'm just wondering if normal social domestic pleasure & commuting insurance covers this? i currently work full time, but id like to go into business myself as a part time employment in addition to my normal full time job. But it would involve transporting my stock to markets in my car and i don't know if that would be covered of it would need changing? what do you guys do regarding your car insurance? I'd hate to need to claim and then find out im not covered in the first place.

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    I have a light business use clause in mine - I think it was only a small amount more but worth it for the piece of mind.

    If you're going to do lots of fairs, you might also want to consider getting business insurance that covers the cost of your stock. Mine covers eventualities in transporting stock, such as damage/loss due to accidents and theft (but not if left in the car overnight).
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      I've had my car insured for business use for years as I used to have to go between offices etc. I called the insurance company when I started using the car for craft fairs etc and they said the business cover I already had covered me. I would recommend it for peace of mind. You don't want to have an accident and then find you're not covered.

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        Your ordinary insurance definately won't cover it. Don't call yourself a commercial traveller of any sort they will hammer you for insurance if you do. If you leave stuff in your car overnight it will be expensive as well. The addition on my insurance to transport stock from A to B was about £15 extra PA.

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          I have business insurance on my car it's currently set to half my annula mileage and didn't make much difference to the price, you have to shop around though. Something as stupid as taking things to the post office need to be covered.

          My rule of thumb in this if in doubt check it out, it's better to ask the question up front than to wish you'd asked it but never got round to it.


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            Definately get in touch with your insurers. If you have an accident and they decide you were using the car for 'business' they might/will declare your insurance invalid. Most will add business use on for a few extra pounds. If your moonlighting business gets more serious do shop around. There are insuance companies set up to be sympathetic to all the things traders need, while other ones look at you as if you had come from Mars.
            Have you thought about your house and house contents insurance? Same applies.