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  • Business Logos?

    Where do you get a logo done?

    I'm in need of one but I have no idea where to start!
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    I drew and painted my own....(altho I should claim it was my children's artwork as it does have a childlike quality lol)
    Am sure there are many ppl on here that can help!
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      I created my own too. Found the swirly bit on a free logo site, added the text in some photo editying software and then saved it as jpeg and png files for different uses. It's help up well so far!

      I believe there are people on Misi or Folksy (can't remember which) who'll do one for you at a very reasonable cost. Getting them done by a graphics co. can cost quite a bit, but there are often special offers around on the web if you hunt for them - Vistaprint are quite good, and you can get business cards etc. printed from them quite reasonably too!
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        I did the same as muffin789. I wanted to go for something quite posh so got a graphic from and used Xara to adjust the colours and orientation etc... in fact what I have now barely resembles the original download.
        For a previous website I used the initials of the website and created a more tailored logo.
        ... actually my husband did whilst I watched and approved.



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          Try contact this person Tell Philip what you want and ask him to quote.
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            Spent quite a while sketching mine and then borrowed sons drawing tablet to get it onto the computer.
            If you dont have a go ................... you will never know




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              There are a few of us on here who can do graphics etc if you have some basic idea of want you want. Put the sort of thing you want up and see if any of us can help. e.g. text, images etc ...what is your craft? so forth

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                My first logo for an environmental firm was drawn by hand - and sent to the printers to get slapped on all their paperwork. Gosh that brings back memories.
                My Annie logo was a photograph of me that my son put onto the computer then clicked on spomething in Photoshop that transformed it into a 'woodcut'.
                My Little Chile logo I painted the puppets, popped it into Photoshop and slapped on the writing. Actually, I think the first version was done in Word and I copied it into Photoshop.
                For Tudor Market I drew the goldy wiggles, scanned them into, guess what, Photoshop, where all the rest was click on the colour and writing I wanted.
                Maybe I shouldn't tell you how I did ? How long does copyright last for? I used a bit of Medieval map for that one.

                So my advice is have a go yourself. You can do old fashioned stuff like draw, paint, print, collage off the computer. Photograph or scan it in. I'd do the writing on the computer as you can change it to your heart's content.

                Some of the effects in Paint programmes are so whizzy giggy you might get just what you want from messing about with just your name.


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                    I used this lady

                    I cannot sing her praises highly enough! She was an absolute dream to work with, listened to everything I said and has the patience of a saint lol!



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                      I had a basic idea then got my friend who's a graphic designer to knock something up for me.