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Creating a company run from home

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  • Creating a company run from home


    I am looking to incorporate a new business from home, is it possible to use a home address as the registered office address? Additionally as a way of cutting costs etc do I actually have to appoint a company secretary?


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    Yes you can use your home address as your registered business address. I think you can register pretty much any address as your business address as long as you operate from there.

    I don't know about the company secretary part though, I think you do but there are people on this forum who should be able to help you better than me.


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      The Companies House website has lots of good info on this sort of thing, also Business Link. You can set up a limited company registered at your home address - I think you need to display the company details somewhere on the outside thugh, but again you will find details on the various websites. One advantage of having your home as your business address is that as soon as you leave you home on business you can start claiming a business mileage tax allowance (if using your car) whereas if you business premises where at a property elsewhere the 'home to work' mileage wouldn't be counted.

      I had considered setting up as a , but probalimited company myself but my accountant advised me against it. In my particular case I had taken an enhanced redundancy payment and decided to go into business for myself. Because of the redundancy payment I had a vast personal income tax whic as a sole trade I could offset against any business losses, and given that most small businesses make a loss in the first year due to set-up costs, etc. this meant that I could effectively get some of my money back from the taxman to help in the set-up. As a limited company I couldn't have done this. Also the Government are gradually clamping down on the advantages enjoyed by limited companies so you may end up with all the hassle of needing to file accounts (which become public documents) with very few benefits.


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        Any physical address can be used as the registered office of a company - the only no-nos are PO Boxes.

        At present, you do need both a company secretary and a director (2 separate people), but the company secretary very rarely does anything more than sign the odd form, and doesn't really have any responsibility.

        I have my company set up as a Limited company, but then I'm an accountant, and know the correct format for a set of company accounts for both Companies House and the Revenue, and how to calculate corporation tax and set out the workings.

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          If you register as a sole trader, you don't need a company secretary or director, just you.


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            If you're setting up limited, then you need at least one director and a company secretary. The company secretary may or may not be a director, but you can't have just one person doing all of it - an act has been passed that allows this for small businesses, but it's not law yet.

            Company sec. does not need to be a paid position, if money is tight - as long as it's someone you trust to do it. You can pay them to do this, though, if you want. My Co. Sec. does quite a bit for the company - paperwork, signs contracts, makes the payments etc. etc. - so gets paid accordingly. It's a position of responsibility, after all.

            You can have the company office at home, or anywhere - but you may get lots of junk mail addressed to your company. Also, make sure that your insurance covers it. Some accountants will allow the registered office to be their office, possibly for free.
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