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    My internet business has been going for a while now and to be honest I expected it to pick up abit quicker (ignorance is bliss!)

    I have advertised in national magazines, been doing Craft Markets etc and offering promotions/competitions but the internet side is still not doing as well as I would have liked.

    Does anyone have any advice on this problem, I would be really grateful!


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    Wish i could offer some advice but i to am in the same position as you. Hopefully someone will come along and give some advice.

    I myself think that the big websites have already captured the market.
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      Same here, I advertise alot, and I'm seeing more traffic now through the google adwords but still not getting the business, I have lots more to put on there too so must crack on with that.
      Word of mouth is alot of business, I've just got a birth announcement order from a lady whos sister in laws link page I'm on!! and to be honest through doing wedding stationery for friends etc I've got business because my web address is on the back! (always helps)
      sorry i cant be of anymore help either.
      I am doing my first wedding fairs the end of this year though, so hopefully that will help ALOT... and selling at craft fairs is always good for me too.
      Deanne x

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