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What are your hopes for your craft business for the next year?

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  • What are your hopes for your craft business for the next year?

    A bit of a lengthy title but it kinda says it all really.

    I havent been on here for a while because I have decided to step my business up a bit.
    I have signed myself up for a trade fair for next April and since then it has been non stop lists!

    I hope that this will help me find more stockists.

    I decided this year that I wont be doing smaller craft fairs either and to only concentrate on a couple of larger events.

    I also need to focus on my websites and get cracking with my new one.

    So my hope for next year would be to be in a position to go part time in my job.

    What are your hopes for the next year? Cant wait to hear your answers

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    well I'd like to become a millionaire lol but I think thats probably unlikely
    maybe not next year but in the future I would like to cut my hours down at my paid job and concentrate on the cards more
    I'm convinced that if I had more time I could sell even more


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      I think we'd all like to be millionaires, I never seem to remember to buy a lottery ticket though! lol

      I've just set up a new site selling beads so I'm busy at the minute trying to get it advertised and establish some regular customers, hopefully that will take off in the next year and I'll be able to give up or at least cut down at work...maybe then I'll have time to get through all the projects I have stored in my head, I'm running out of room for anything else!

      I'm sure we could all sell more if it wasn't for those pesky paid jobs we have sunrise!!


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        world domination ha ha.

        I would like to have regular hits / sales on my website that would be brill and a positive sign in my bank account so I can get some new supplies.

        I would also like to have regular contacts and party hosts.



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          I would simply like to carry on enjoying what I do making, designing and continuing to carve out a full time living from my creative efforts as I have done for nearly 20 years. If money is you sole motivation crafting is not going to make you your fortune and you are probably doing the wrong thing.


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            I would like not to catch anymore debilitating viruses, pulling any more muscles, getting arthritis or osteoporosis so I can pooter on doing what I enjoy until I'm 80. Then I might hang up my coif and corsets and do some gardening says Annie .

            I would like to become as big as Hamleys (ha, ha, ha, dream on) and hand the empire over to my daughter in law so she can keep my son as he'd love to become accustomed to, says Anna.

            (She's promised to keep the cupboard under the stairs clear to house me when my dreams go pear shaped and I really become a bag lady . She'll give me a chair and I can sit there knitting socks until I'm 90.)

            I haven't factored in what to do between 90 and 100 yet...but my DIL has a great granny. Her friends wheel her out to the market once a week to sell big knickers. We don't think she actually sells any but she's happy. That'd do me .


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              Haha AnnieAnna I would buy the knickers!

              I hope your not overworking yourself with these viruses and pulled muscles and arthritis?


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                I can do physical pain (moaning a lot helps ) but that zombie virus I picked up really threw me. My brain went black/empty/dead/like no connections inside. It was really scary but the lovely thing about being self employed is you can cut back on the work. Unfortunaletly it cuts back on the money....but the overwhelming urge to sleep for 2 years kept me out of the shops .


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                  I've just started to make tiaras as well as jewellery and am now hooked. I'm on my third wedding this year with another one to do next year (which is a freebie for my niece!).

                  Guess I'd like my web shop to expand, my sales to rise and get my press releases in all the publications, but as I haven't finished them yet.....I guess I just hope for more time!




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                    In answer to your original question...

                    Sell more!

                    (Hi Chloe, hope you are well! x)

                    Claire x


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                      My hope is that bead shows will have a stronger attendance soon. With the way the economy has been, I am seeing a lot less foot traffic and it is no fun.
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                        Well I haven't contributed to any threads for a few weeks. From my point of view - making models of houses and other buildings on a commission basis - my aim is to find an estate agent who wants a unique selling tool. That would be for them to offer a free model of the sellers house once a contract was signed. I've done a few models for people who are moving house and want a souvenir of their much loved home.
                        If I can negotiate with a good estate agent, they would benefit from something no other firm could offer and give me a "regular " source of work. Work is in hand as we speak!
                        On a general basis, I'm always amazed by all the work we crafters do - constantly searching for THE ideal fair - and often being let down. I wonder how many of you have ever thought about agreeing to supply your goods to a local (or larger) store for them to sell on a commission basis? Surely if this is done on a sale or return basis over, say, a month, it gives you the chance to get back some of the stock you put in the store and use again for the craft fairs you do.
                        Or is this not practical?
                        Alan Tolfrey.


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                          I would like to make more money at my business but providing I still love what I do then I am happy, having worked with office politics for 30+ years working for myself is now bliss, may be broke but stress free and content, don't have holidays but life for me is one big holiday, can sit and have a cup of coffee in the garden (weather permitting) when ever I want. Don't have a flash car but mine works and is big and safe, gets me from a - b and holds all my stock. In control of what I do when I do it and not answerable to any petty minded bureaucrats, so you guessed it I am HAPPY with my lot.

                          Be grateful for what you have and then more will come (The Secret)