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    Has anybody used mailchimp for their e-marketing? Just wondered how helpful it was for templates etc as I need to start marketing this way more. And also if you can get in trouble for emailing people! Although at this rate I'd probably only do it once a year!!!

    Thanks in advance xx
    Dee x
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    I'm part of a group that uses mailchimp. I don't have anything to do with it directly, but they seem happy with it.

    Edited to add - you can also get free email marketing programmes. I don't know any to recommend, as mine was done for me, but if you're good at the technical side of it, it may be worth googling it.
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      I'm about to start using Mailchimp - it's been recommended to me by several people.

      As for getting into trouble, provided you are only mailing to people who have provided you with their email address (e.g. customers & people who have signed up to your mailing list) and you give an 'opt out' on the email to unsubscribe from future mailings you should be fine. Drop me an email if you want any advice on mailing regs etc, I deal with data protection a fair bit in my day job.

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