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Time to buy from the US!

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  • Time to buy from the US!

    Right I might go and visit Reprodepot now.......
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    Well I might just order those fragrances oils I wanted last week but decided I should make money before spending it!!!



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      yep ..

      Its great for me buying advertising in the us for some sites but I get paid in $ for many of my projects so not so great.. It balances out so...

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        Hoorah, i get loads of stuff from usa, I love the exchange rate!!

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          Would like to know when it will be the limit. We still sell in dollars but we already have started to switch on euros and pounds
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            It's great on Ebay at the moment too. I got some fab Prima flowers from an American seller, got the items for what equals £7.38 with delivery at £8.81. The price for the exact same thing bought here was £32.00!!
            Why are 'nice' craft items here so b****y expensive?
            I have a friend who lives in the US, I am thinking of searching the 'Michaels' website and then sending her money and a list.. they have a 'Michaels' craft store five mins from their house! I could clean up!!
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              Tell me about it!
              I have a nice package waiting for me at home with some goodies in from the good ole US of A..... Some dies and brads....
              The Cuttlebug dies can be bought here for around £5 each - I paid around £2 including p&p for them.......

              But its tooooooo tempting!!!


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                One thing to watch for though is the VAT. When I got my first package from the US, the VAT worked out at £5.05, plus a fedex admin charge. This time on an order of LESS value and weight, the VAT is £16 odd, plus an increased fedex admin charge, so it's probably cost me more this time.

                I did phone fedex to check the figures and they are insistant that both sets are correct. How I don't know, but there's nothing I can do about it.

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