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Help im pulling my hair out here!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Help im pulling my hair out here!!!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone know how to get there way round elements photoshop5.
    I bought it mainly to take the craft pictures i already have remove the item and place it on a white background. Hope that makes sense!!!!!!
    I have the book the teashirt and all that jazz but its driving me crazy.
    Ive done it once... but can i do it again? Not on your nelly.
    Im sure I would be quicker to just make everything again and take pics on a white background. lol
    Any advice would be appreciated. Ive got very little hair left and what is still there is grey!!!!!

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    Hi Michelle,
    I use Photoshop.. there should be an icon which looks like a cartridge pen nib labelled 'Pen Tool', I wish I could post a screenshot or two to explain it better but I can't. Anyway you use that to basically dot-to-dot the outline of your item until you have reached the start again, then on the paths window you select 'Make Selection', then copy and paste it onto a new blank page.
    I hope you can understand that, if not let me know and I could e-mail you some screenshots!

    Jill x
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