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    Hi All,

    Im thinking of starting up a card and stamp business, off my own designs, and i have been searching through the internet for over 2 weeks to find out where to start!!

    Ive searched everywhere for stamp makers, but no joy, all they seem to worry about is selling there own stamps, my problem is how do i get into production??? Or in other words get the ball rolling, we have many designs that need to be sent off really, but we dont have a clue, we even rang a few 'BIG' business dealers who supply for the TV, but they just dont seem to be interested.

    any help or advice would be very nice.



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    You can buy various kits to create your own rubber stamps, from simple ones which use daylight/standard lamp to professional ones which use UV lights to cure the stamps.

    Plus there are several companies which will make up rubber stamps for you to your own design, google for a list or search this forum for details.

    I would suggest that you make a few sample stamps/cards and get some feedback from your target audience, i.e. here and other craft sites and find out if your designs are unusual and desirable enough before you get a lot made.

    Some stamp companies start off by making 'digital downloads stamps' which is easier to set up initally and just needs a website to start off with and doesn't require the production costs of rubber stamps, that said some crafters prefer rubber stamps.

    Good luck and I look forward to seeing your designs


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      Starting up

      For those who just need a bit more help.

      Write about, everydays stuff.. The things you go through day after day.
      Good or bad. Write about it. And itll get you a poem, from your mind.
      From the heart if you really put emotion in it.
      ٌîٍîâûé ٍهëهôîي


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        @ watchmaker -he's talking about stamps and not starting a journal..