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    I was just wondering which software packages people use for their websites?

    I took a course a few years ago and have written the html code myself for my site (not live yet) and although all the hard work is done as the base is completed, I would be looking to purchase some software in the future as I would rather be making my bags than spending ages creating web pages.

    Some of them are also really expensive so I just thought I would see what everyone else uses?

    Also who has had a logo designed and how much did it cost them if you dont mind me asking? I have had quotes of hundreds of pounds and I really cant afford that at this early stage!

    Hope this post is in the right place!!

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    I done my own logo using free software on the web. It doesn't look professional but it does the job.

    My website is a package through lycos which i pay monthly for. It's easy and quick to add new items.
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      I can't give you any advice about the website side of things as I have a partner who is a web developer as his day job so he looks after my website... actually I am pretty lucky as my logo was designed by one of my close friends who is a graphic designer, so that didn't cost me anything either.. except a Starbucks coffee one Saturday!
      Oh well not much help at all really but accept this as a long winded bump to see if anyone else can help.
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        Thanks - how lucky are you to have webby-friends!

        Have been having a look at the thing; have found it on amazon for less than £17 so as a basic start might be good and more professional looking than mine, and also wont break the bank at £17! I know its not all singing all dancing but that is something I can work up to (hopefully!) in the future.


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          I use MrSite for two out of three of my sites. I know a lot of people seem to have issues with MrSite, but I have to say I find their stuff really easy to use, and personally have never had any problems. I think there are quite a few Mrsite'ers on here, and I expect they'll all give a different review, but I think it depends what you want.


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            The fact that its selling for £17 may sway me!
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              I use wordpress which I've 'hacked' about a bit to make it do what I want it to.

              Over the years I've taught myself to do graphics, still practising!

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