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    Hi before i reniew my craft insurance i thought i would just ask you guy's who do you think is the best insurance and who is efficient and cost effective.
    Thanks in Advance

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    I'd like to know too, if anyone has any ideas. I'd like a really cheap one to get me started with!


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      I can't find the thread at the moment but there are a couple of threads on the forum about this - if you do a search for insurance then they will come up! The prices quoted were very good too.
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        Hi, I am currently shopping around for public liability and product liability insurance at the moment to cover me for wedding fayres and possibly some craft fairs. The best quote I have got so far is from GM Imber, they sort of have a website but its only their contact details. I rang them (Tel: 0870 606 6668) and they quoted me £50 for 5 million of cover for both, which seems incredibly cheap. Unfortunately I am still waiting five days later for the promised information to come so dont know if there is some nasty clause that makes it not as good value.
        They also quoted me to cover my stock and display equipment at shows but that was a lot more expensive (something like 120.00 to cover me for £500 worth of stock) so not sure whether to go with that at the moment.

        Hope this helps


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          I would just go for public liability and be careful how you pack your stock! I've paid out for some ridiculous insurance in the past, and really all you need is 2million public liability. Imber's seem to be the standard insurers, but weigh up the possibilities of 'damaging' your displays & stock, and £120 looks crazy!


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            Im looking to renew mine as well as where i got mine from last year no longer does it. I payed £65.00 last time so if anyone knows of somewhere for about the same price please let me know

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              I cannot post links yet but found two myself and one from this forum.

              Have not used them yet gonna run them passed my business advisor.

              Ian W. Wallace craft insurance

              Combined Market Traders insurance

              National Market Traders Federation

              check out their websites
              will post links when I have posted 25

              good luck



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                i use Walker Midgley for my public lib £30 for 5 million
                while i knit i think




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                  I use Ian W Wallace Craft Insurance as I have a small studio that I use. I couldn't get anything from one broker and the other wanted to charge me 800 quid!!! It's only one room, not a mansion.


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                    Just got my renewal in today £27.70 for 5 million public liability with Walker Midgley Fargate Sheffield if thats any help this is the cheapest i have found and i have been with them 3 years now
                    while i knit i think