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  • Quest for headsizes

    I have a comission (its for my Gran so wont pay much but I love her to bits!) to make headbands for all the my young cousins.....bit of background gran's 83 she has 38 grandkids (im the oldest) 14 great grandchildren and 1 great great granchild (just arrived) and xmas is a very expensive time for her!!!!! you can imagine.

    She has ask me to make headbands for all the girls under 12 she has got my cousin sorting things for the boys we are quite a crafty family but she does not want the parents of these children to know what shes doing for xmas pressies ........

    So my dilemma is I have cousins age 1 month -12 so what size do I make these headbands - I had a piece of string today round my newborn nieces head much to my brothers horror - Don't know what he thought I was doing ... Justified it by saying seen a pretty hat but shes so tiny dont know if it will fit! ... He was'nt convinced ....I don't blame him!! got home and cant find the piece of string I marked !!!!!!!!!

    So would all you kind crafters out there measure your kids heads and send me measurements along with ages so I have a running clue how to start this project....and stop me getting arrested by accosting young children to measure their heads !!!!


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    Scroll down a bit on this site and there is a size chart, hope this helps

    Alice 21
    I started off with nothing and I've still got most if left.


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      I can second the measurements on that chart from my trail and error hat and coif making endevours.

      The lovely thing about heads is they don't put on or loose weight. They are dependable, size wise... as are wrists.....unlike tummies

      For a headband size guide - when I measure people the ear to ear over the top of the head bit tends to come out to half the crown measurement. (Head bands are half the size of hats.) But you might want to add a bit each side so the head band reaches the base of the ears for a bit of grip.



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        Thanks Guys

        This really does help