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    *bangs head on table*

    I'm sorry guys, I feel really bad now for suggesting a business advisor. It's really bad to hear all these negative stories. Unfortunatly because these advisory companies get their grants from the government on a successful start-up basis they have turned into a money grabbing one track mind organisation. It seams that they want to put smaller companies off by belittling them.

    I'd write a complaint (but that's just the kind of person I am). If the top dogs don't know what is happening things won't change.

    The best thing to do is to go in knowing what you want from them and not to take anything else. 'I want to know what free courses are available to me and what grants there are, never mind business planning and sales forecasts'

    I was told on my first business advisor meeting that if I wanted to be a successful life coach I should look at a different car as I would be expected to look more professional. I came back with it's all about being comfortable with you and I'm comfortable with my car. Very professional advice!

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