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  • Email from China

    I think this is the right section to post this

    I had this email come through this morning from my website's contact form....

    Hi, endeva
    this is kelly from china ,very glad to learned your website and noted that your business mainly for beautiful handmade jewellery , lucky that most of them we can do , and also we have more novel style , try to send you as reference firstly . but here can't send attachment , so pls could you kindly advise us your email address ? or you can call me if you have any other requirement : 0086-15825770596 . thanks ! our company (yiwu ura jewellery co, ltd ) located in yiwu , china . the city is one of biggest small commodity market of the world , so maybe you also can earn more surprise and profit from here just like another friends . ~-~ about some bead handmade necklace that you sale of £12.00, here we can give you the wholesale price only for £0.2/pc or more cheaper then that . so if you are interested in make your business more larger , maybe here is your better choice , we really hope have chance to do some serious business with you in near future !

    Yours sincerely : Kelly Wang

    Has anybody else had random communications like this before?
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    Have'nt had one from them but have had similar from others. That person was spamming on one of the threads here earlier today
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      Originally posted by Endeva View Post
      Has anybody else had random communications like this before?
      All the time It's increased massively since the economy took a nosedive - I'm guessing a lot of their usual distributers have gone under so they are now trying the more direct approach.
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        I only get emails from "African ladies" wanting to be my special friend!!!!! (yes I am still getting them, perhaps I should move to African, I'm obviously an icon out there!!!!!)
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          We have had a few in the last couple of weeks, I just delete
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            I received a similar email, just ignore.


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              I've had a couple from India trying to sell me stuff.

              They are obviously sending quite a lot of them out and may not always realise that they're sending to someone who makes their own stuff.

              I think nattynetty is right - this sort of thing is increasing because they need new people to keep their businesses going.
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                I got that email too, several times now.
                I don't even make jewellry!! LOL
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                  If you didn't request the info then ignore it..

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                    Yes, I regularly get this sort of rubbish (though not generally through this forum). I think they send out thousands, in the hope that they get a couple of leads. Definately do not respond.



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                      I have also had quite a few of these and just put them in the trash
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