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Is this a good idea??

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  • Is this a good idea??

    I currently run a business that retails crafting goods to hobbyists through party plan but I'd like to expand my personal side of the business into offering hands on activities to children (or adults come to think of it) at craft fairs. My idea was that people could drop off the kids for an hour with me to enable them to look at the stalls uninterrupted!
    I guess I have two questions:
    1) Do you think people would welcome this idea at craft shows? - I'm thinking about small, community events.
    2) Can someone advise me about public liability insurance - what would I need if people were getting hands on?
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    Child care has for very obvious reasons to be festidiously monitered. There are rules and regulations that you would need to reasearch but the folowing are just a few things to consider.

    All childcare workers require a police check, registration with social services or the local eductaion authority. You would need registration details of all children in your care and a set ratio of carers to children. The area where you would be careing for them would have to be checked and certified etc etc.
    I say this as an ex childminder and I know that since I was childminding, things have been even more stringent.

    one way round this could be to have a parent required to be with the child, but again, you could be leaving yourself open to all sorts of problems.

    It is a lovely idea though and there may be some ways you can get around it.
    perhaps you could consider taking your ideas out to childrens parties etc.
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      I like the idea too.There is a place in a town nearby that allows you to just go in a paint pottery, its meant for kids but have often wanted to take a group of pals the wrong side of 30 and give it a go.
      So would you give them craft activities to do?

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        Thanks for the positives.
        I should have said I have a teaching qualification and a police check record! I think as long as their parents are in the same room that side of things is fairly easy. But it's the insurance I'm not sure about.
        You should go to the pottery place Seahorse - my idea at Craft Party is that adults deserve a bit of fun, so currently I run Make and Takes for grown ups via home parties- they do a simple craft activity and then I offer them stuff to buy to do more at home.
        So why I'm now thinking about kids I'm not sure...
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          Hehe, this may be the year i go for it!!
          Cant see the guys joining in tho.

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            It's a great Idea but be very carefull you leave yourself open to lots of dangers. As I'm sure your aware as a Teacher kids get bored easily.
            Yes you may be in the same room but just imagine if one little darling decided to slip away without you knowing they can easily get lost. especialy in a venue they did'nt know.
            What if one wanted the toilet how would you go about supervising that?
            I don't want to put you off the Idea but where children are concerd it's a very dificult thing to do. I ran an after school club for 3 years and trying to supervise them on an open door policy was the only way we could do it. We had to have them sign in and out and stress to the parents that we were not day care we wern't there to look after them just supervise.

            I would think that a parent child make thing would work better. Then there would be no legality headaches. If the Adult asked to leave the child you could say that you couldn't take responsability,it would be upto them. I wouldn't let them leave a child under say 9 for boredem reasons . I would also state that you weren't prepared to have them therlonger than say 15 mins or how ever long it would take to do the activity. ( alot of people take libbertys)

            Sorry does that sound harsh.
            Just That I've been there ,done that, got stressed out.
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              Originally posted by goldy1 View Post

              I would think that a parent child make thing would work better.
              Perfect solution to all the legality hassles - tis a fab idea methinks

              When you think about it craft fairs tend to be visited by craft-inclined people so chances are the parents will see it as an excuse to have a go and encourage their kiddies to get crafty too. Win-win situation maybe?
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                Yes, indeed, all very good points - not harsh - just realistic!
                Parent-child idea excellent.
                Try a new way every day and work becomes play!