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  • Weebly Free Website Review

    Weebly The new Free webcreator with domain name and hosting.
    My review.
    Hi all,

    I have been starting to see this odd name Weebly around and thought I would check it out. Normally when I see free anything I am skeptical but my curiosity got the better of me.

    Weebly is a relatively new online web creation website that also allows you to get a free sub-domain name eg: for nix and they give you hosting for nothing as well.

    Added to this they have a really cool online website creation tool so that you can easily build your website. Now I have used all the big ones like Dreamweaver, frontpage and the like but weebly uses a simple drag n drop style where you don't have to code a single thing. Very easy to use.

    Anyhow I decided to sign up and I was a little under prepared. The first thing they ask is what domain you want to give your website, oops hadn't thought that I would need that so be prepared with your domain name at the ready.

    Next question was if I wanted a subdomain like, register a new domain name like or if I had a name already registered that Iwanted to transfer. I opted for a sub domain
    While you are typing in the name it lets you know if it is available which helps a lot.

    Ok I got registered quickly enough and then had a look on the inside.

    Yes it is very easy to use. They have a good selection of templates and options and with a little tinkering you can get a great little site up. In the settings area you get to put in your keywords, add a description and even google analytics code which is a real bonus.

    They allow you to upload I believe around 5mg of images which is really quite a lot, and you can write text till the cows come home. If you do know a little html they have a module where you can copy and paste code into. Useful for affiliate links etc. You can even put google adsense in and share 50% of the money bought in by the clicks.

    Blogging is a great way to get found and even their free version allows you to set up a blog connected to your website. That is way cool.

    If you have a mailing list you can even put a contact form on your site so visitors can connect with you.

    Ok, all sounds good but where does the Free end.
    Essentially they give you an option to sign up to Pro level from around $2.99 month if you want to go 12 mths. That pretty cheap. If you do that you can upload virtually unlimited stuff, add any audio you want, make up to 10 websites per account, and get premium support. Well worth it I would think.

    You can also buy your own domain name with the usual domain registration costs if you want to.

    So to wrap it up. I built my little test website in around an hour with no hassles. Weebly has a google page rank of 7 which makes it a strong base on which to be found and I will keep an eye on my analytics to see how it fares over the next little while.

    I think most crafters who want to test the waters so to speak would find this a really useful site. You truly can get a good professional web presence for free and upgrade later if all is going well. I would give it 8/10 as useful to crafters.

    If you want to check it out yourself just pop over to

    Would love to hear your thoughts.


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    I've got a weebly site. Its very basic at the month and needs updating but is at if you want to look at another example! We paid for 12 months in the end cos that also allows you to get up to 50 free email addresses with your domain name as the address. Also allows you to get rid of the advertising for weebly from the site. Its so easy to use though! I've got a mr site site for my own business and comparatively weebly is so easy! Ok so my site isn't rhat good but it took literally 40 mins to set up!


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      Weebly Ads

      Originally posted by cardsbykatie View Post
      Also allows you to get rid of the advertising for weebly from the site. !
      Just a note that the advertising is one small line right at the bottom of the site that simply says "create a free site with weebly". This is in fact smaller than the blurb on the bottom of the forum here which says "Powered by vBulletinĀ® Version 3.7.0" and then the copyright notice. Not like some of the other free websites where you have banner ads and all sorts of pop-ups etc that go with the free.
      Still seems like a great option to start with.
      The 12 mth option which is really cheap is great for the email addresses. Makes you look very professional.

      Had a look at your site and noticed the free contact form that you have used. Has this worked well. I think it's a great idea to have one on your site.