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  • Good and Bad News - Help!!

    Good news - I had an email from a lovely lady late last night who wanted to buy 2 pairs of my earrings - my first customer!!!!

    Bad news - She was emailing me because the website wasn't working properly and she wasn't able to add them to her shopping cart

    I'm with Mr Site Pro and it was giving her this message when she clicks on the items:

    There has been an error Sorry, there is a problem with this merchant's account. If you are able, please contact the merchant to inform them of the error.

    I've had a look and *might* have sorted it but I don't know. The problem is that it was always working fine from my computer (I've even checked with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera) so I don't know if that's becuse I go on my site quite often?

    Anyway, it would be really great if a few of you could go on, put a few things in your cart and get to the checkout stage and tell me if it works ok.

    Thank you so much!

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    Just had a quick go - bought a bracelet - went right through checkout ok - I jumped out when went through to paypal - so you may have an order?

    btw - did find it annoying that I had to go through the whole world to get to UK for delivery?


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      working for me. I can get right into paypal.

      Did you know you can invoice her by logging on to paypal and then sending her an invoivce for the total ammount. remember to add your postage on. You just need her email address to do it. it comes under "request money"
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        Thank you both.

        Jane - I know what you mean. It's not something I can change unfortunately. It's part of the Mr Site/Paypal Express Checkout.

        Beadsbydesign - Yes, that is what I've done. I wasn't going to start messing her about with the website, I need any customer I can get!!


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          Clarita, I got through to paypal too, so it seems to be working ok. It may be just the one customer who's had problems. I think this happens occasionally, and it makes you panic, but for most people it will be ok.
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            I'm quite a big fan of Mr Site and have another website for my "day job" as I'm self-employed. That one's just for info though and I don't sell anything on it. After this I'm starting to have second thoughts about using mrsite as a reliable online shop ...

            On a positive note, my customer has paid me via the paypal payment request and I've posted her the earrings. I'm still so excited to have my first order. I've been jumping round the house all morning!!