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  • Revamped website

    Hi All
    Well, after 4 months of hits but no sales we have re-vamped the website slightly. We decided that maybe the pink was putting everybody off.

    Anyway feed back from you guys would be very much appriciated as we value your opinion.

    I have finally managed to crack Google Analylitics. I had put in the UAL code wrong so I have lost 4 months of analysis which is annoying, as now I see that it works on our site it will be a very useful tool.

    Anyway lets see if all this new look and analysis will work!!

    Cheers Lisa
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    Very Nice


    I like your website it is very nice, clean and fresh look and easy to use.

    I am a very honest person and my only critism is that the pictures of the cards are too small and to enlarge everyone of them would take ages and I am one of those people who loose interest pretty quickly at the best of times.
    Still Finding my niche but getting there!!!

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      good thought

      Thats a good thought but I think that when you create shop in Mr Site that is the size you are given? I will have to look in to it.

      Cheers Lisa
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        Hi Lisa

        On the whole a good site, but you might want to consider the following:

        As I moved my mouse over your links the text changed colour from pink to yellow. A good idea to have this change, but I couldn't really read the yellow text.

        Think about whether you really want the banner adds at the bottom of your page - I've arrived to look at your cards, not buy a Mr Site website, look for a new job or worry about speeding tickets, all of which displayed at somepoint during my brief visit. It may make you a few pence in click thorughs, but distracts from your main purpose of selling your cards!

        Hope all the above is taken as intended - constructive comments to help your good site get even better!

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          I think the site looks good, and is right for the style of products you sell. I I am a newbie site owner too, so can sympathise with the 'if only i'd done this before' moments!
          I didn't personally get put of by the banners, (I tend to ignore this stuff anyway) but then I guess a lot of these things are just personal preference.
          Good luck with the site.


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            I understand what you are saying Jeff, any comments are great to me.

            I put them on just to try and increase the through fair on the site. I have tried avery which way but loose to increase hits and raise up the search engine, and to be honest I am loosing the will to live with it.

            I just can't think how to change hits to cash?

            Anyway I suppose I can just keep trying.

            I take your point about the yellow, I was think of the colour scheme not practicality.

            Cheers Lisa
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              The site looks nice and clean and easy to navigate. I agree with Jeff about the banners, you don't want anything to distract you from your products.
              Regarding your hits but no sales; have you checked where they are coming from and what search terms they using? you might not be targetting the audience you want.

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                your site looks lovely the only thing i noticed was when looking at your family cards in the header of one card special was spelt specail, small point but i thought you would want to know
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                  Thanks Sally I will look into that.

                  As where people are coming from and keywords, I have just started with Google analytics so I am hoping to get a better handle on this over the coming weeks.

                  As for the banners, I can see what you mean but I am scared to take them off just incase I have no through traffic at all. Until I see where all my hits are coming from that is.

                  I have registered with directories and I think I need to register with more.

                  Cheers Lisa
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