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Mr Site Pro or DYO?

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  • Mr Site Pro or DYO?

    what would you go for? ive checked on DYO, and the only price I can find is £5.88 a month. is this right, or are there other things you have to pay for?
    also, what bandwidth do you get on DYO site, Mr Site pro is unlimited.
    and can you have the delivery cost by weight on both of these, as ideally, i want to charge by the weight (by putting in the weight of each item and then it calculates the total weight and calculates the postage cost based on this).
    could anyone else give me any help or information. thanks

    thanks guys!

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    I personally cannot reccomend DYOS highly enough!

    They have been fantastic!, really helpful quick to respond, you have a forum too for general questeions and loads of features.

    I used to be with 1&1 and they were total pants

    I love DYOS!!!

    LOL sounds like and advert...... but you did ask.
    And NO they aren't paying me!


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      I would go with DYOS. Used to have Mr Site Pro and DYOS has sooooo many more features, including postage by weight.

      Great service too as mentioned above. £5.88 is main price, but you can pay an extra premium if you don't want the DYOS logo on your site

      Hope this helps


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        so lets just say if i do not want to remove there name/link from the bottom of my website pages, then it really just is 5.88 a month?

        do you know what bandwidth you get?

        i may just have to try this 30 day free trial out to see for myself.


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          Definately do the trial to see for yourself but I also am v happy with DYOS. I paid IRO £75.00 for the year which included my .com domain reg. HTH
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            Yes it really is just £5.88 a month!!!!!!!!

            I never found out what band width you get, but Rebecca from DYOS comes on here so she may be able to help you there.
            Also they are just about to move servers so as I understand things will only get better!




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              I just did mine with DYOS too, I rate it very highly too
              they are very quick to help. It was so plain sailing to build too
              Can't find the bandwidth answer
              At the mo it's £5.88 per month or 2 months free if pay for a year
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                I also cannot rate DYOS highly enough! Never had a problem & as mentioned before, they have a really helpful support team & forum. Have a go with the trial, nothing to lose there!




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                  looks like its DYOS then!! i must admit, it does make lovely looking websites for such a cheap price! they got back to me and told me bandwidth is unlimited, which is even better!

                  does it have its own checkout, or does it use paypal cart or something?

                  i'm going to start my free trial tommorow, i'm sooo excited!!!


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                    Been playing with DYOS for the free month and have now signed up for the year with the name I want cost about £60+
                    Not fully built yet but found it easy to use


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                      why has it cost 60 quid? i thought it was 5.88 per month plus 5 something for domain name? are you meaning it cost you that per year?


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                        ignore me, i did not read you post properly!


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                          I did the trial for DYOS and really liked it but was swayed by the price of Mr Site and, if I remember rightly, the fact you could get more pages with MrS. I'm really pleased with it and have found it very easy to use. Can't comment on the support desk as I haven't needed to use it.

                          Having said that I was only going for the middle version, so can't really compare with Mr Site Pro.

                          Hope you have fun building your website, whichever you choose! Do let us all know when you have it up and running, so we can check it out!!
                          Regards, Carol



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                            I'm confused and have no idea what DYOS is but I'm guessing its for building your own website?


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                              DYOS - Do Your Own Site It is a templated website builder.

                              It is similar with Mr Site, but I too decided to use DYOS, after using their trial period. This is a very good way of trying the site and testing it.

                              The cost is also a major factor and it suited me, plus if you build your own, you do not rely on anyone else to change things.

                              Forgot to mention - you can incorporate Paypal into DYOS, but you have to register with Paypal initially and open up a merchant account. It's a business account and you pay them a fee each month for the privilege (about £20 monthly).
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                              Take care

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