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sales how do you get them?

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  • sales how do you get them?

    Hello all, I have been trying to sell tiaras for a year I have been to Wedding Fairs, website is up and running but that's early days. I love making tiaras otherwise I wouldnt do it but i was wondering how long it takes to get established or at least get some sales in the bag. The lead times on weddings are long and I cannot keep spending money with no return. I listen to brides keep up with trends and do a few quirky unusual tiaras too. When you have no budget where do you start? Where do you advertise? Your advise, especially if you have been through the pain barrier is invaluable. Also when you meet them at Fairs how do you remind them of who you are months down the line, how do you keep in contact other than pester them via email, anyone got any good ideas?
    Sorry it's a huge question.

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    It is very difficult getting sales without spending money. Some shops would be pleased to display your work or brochures free of charge. I sometimes do this for my friends and regular customers. You could chat up local wedding photographers who generally know in advance who is getting married, they may be willing to help. Most of my trade is through word of mouth but this takes a long time to build up.
    You could try the free classifieds online like Vivastreet.
    Sometimes the local press will give you publicity if you send them an interesting press release.
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      Going through the pain barrier is what it is all about, finding your own niche and style.

      What works for one may not work for another.

      Good luck

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        Most bridal/wedding shops have piles of cards, get some made up and get putting them out around your area and surrounding areas, also have a word with some bridal shops to see if they will do sale or returns.
        It might be worth targetting shops that sell prom dresses.
        Hope that helps