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    I've been analysing the stats from google analytics on my website and for a new website (went live 2 weeks ago tomorrow) I'm averaging just under 50 hits a day - I know, nothing really!! but I'm still quite pleased with that lol

    what I wondered about was whether any of you thought the photo on the home page was ok or whether any other photo would be better on the front page. The bounce rate is quite high and I wondered if the children's door plaque was discouraging people from looking further - does that make sense?

    there are quite a few items in the birthday category and I thought maybe one of those photos might be better?

    or maybe think about a slideshow so it shows lots of pictures, but I'm not sure about that one as The images get cropped a bit wierdly

    many thanks for any opinions/help
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    Hi, I think the pic you have on the front page is very nice.

    Maybe you could have a few pictures on the front page showing a fuller range if you are worried.

    p.s. It takes time for a website to get established so don't panic just yet!


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      The way I did it was to add a table to my home page and then insert a smaller image in each of the cells, so it shows different products as soon as people land on the site.

      DYOS statistics mean that hits are not the same as visits, hits are each time someone looks at an image or a page, visits is how many people come to your site.

      It will take time for people to find you including search engines.

      good luck!


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        I agree with Elzi. Maybe a collective pic on the front to show a wider range, although the one you have is very nice it is a bit limited in what it shows? Hope this helps.
        Gail x

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