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  • Coriandr. Any sales?

    I feel like I've got shops all over the place at the moment and am looking to cut down as it's getting a bit much keeping track. I don't want to shut up shop on the sites that seem to be bringing me the sales so that rules out Misi and Etsy. Anyway, what I really want to know is this; has anyone actually had any sales on Coriandr?
    I opened my shop on there on a bit of a wim if I'm honest and would be intersted to hear what people have to say about it.

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    I've got a shop on Coriandr but have had no sales yet. I've only had sales on Folksy and DaWanda. All the other ones haven't yielded anything yet. I've got a couple of new lines to add though so that might change soon.

    I think it all depends on how much exposure these newer craft marketplaces are getting on the web. Are the actual people who run the sites doing enough to promote the sites or are they counting on the individual shop owners to do most of the marketing. It can be difficult if you've got say a shop on 3 or 4 sites.

    If it is all getting too much then yes, I would concentrate on just the sites that are bringing you sales.
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      I've never heard of it until now? I think that's partly the problem. And there are so many of these sites popping up that it's difficult to choose which one to use.
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        The other problem is a lot of these sites are only known about by crafter's and not the general buying public.

        In the US they have several of these shopping sites but they are advertised in a lot of magazines, not just crafting mags, eg Make Mine Pink is shown in Victoria etc, so may be worth just very nicely asking the question what advertising is being done for these sites and where, preferably in mags not just aimed at the craft world.

        I have a store with Etsy, Dawanda, You Craft Lot, Misi, Coriandr, Folksy and more, I made no sales on a few and have not yet posted on the others as have been concenttrating on my own web pages instead. I know people that have sold on thee sites but not sure how much business it generates.

        Good Luck


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          I have heard of Coriandr but only through the forum, Etsy & Folksy seem to be the most known I think, Thats a really good point carol is making, the places were we sell really should be made known to everyone, not just crafters.
          Good luck with your sales Roseberry crafts


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            I've got a few things on Coriandr but not had any sales, the same with Misi. I put them on Coriandr when it was free to list, but now there's a charge I probably won't put any new items on there. Agree with Carol, I think it's mostly used by craft (sellers) and not necessarily buyers. I've got the same problem with Misi too, but then I make cards mostly and I don't really think these are the best places to sell them IMO

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              I have a Folksy shop but have only recently updated my shop with items for sale and uploaded my profile etc. Now that the Folksy shop is sorted I am currently working on my Etsy shop as well, because I have seen more comments for Folksy and Etsy, they seem to be the most popular.

              I now keep seeing new names of other similar sites pop up that I had never heard of until now; such as Misi, Coriandr, Dawanda........ I'm not sure whether to stick with my own website, Folksy and Etsy - or to try the others aswell

              Do any others have comments on either of these shops? i.e. Which is most popular in your opinion? Most successful? Easiest to use?

              Would appreciate any sort of advice!