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  • craft work in schools

    Hi. I was wondering whether anyone has ever done craft workshops within primary schools or at any other events. If so how have you gone about this and approached them? I have a number of ideas including some recycled craft projects. Many thanks. Sam x

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    I have but that was because it's my children's school and I help out anyway.

    Our school is really funny about outside people coming in (I think you will find most are). It's all due to police checking etc. I have had to have a police check done for every voluntary job I've done and also for working in the school. These have been paid for by the relevant organisations and apparantly are quite expensive to have done.

    A school won't let you in to do anything unless you have a police CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check.

    I don't know how you would go about getting checked as an individual. The best thing to do would be to phone one of the schools in you area and run the idea past them, see what they say.
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      Moonbeam Angel is right that the best thing to do is approach schools in the first place with your ideas. Have you any links with any schools or are you running a business? I would approach them with very clear details of what you have planned, many schools do have after school clubs.

      I go into school to listen to reading and have had to have a CRB check, give two references and I have both my children there, so the rules are very strict and rightly so.

      I also run a toddler craft group, but this was already well established when I took over. Well worth the effort though.


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        If there is a member of staff (or two) in the room that are from the school and therefore CRB checked then there should be no need for you to also be CRB checked. I know schools also like to see risk assessments these days as well if you are doing something practical (I'm sure this can't be just a science thing) and at least if you have written some sort of risk assessment out then they can have a copy regardless of whether they've asked for it.

        If schools haven't already approached you about any workshops etc then you will have to "sell" yourself at various schools to see what the response would be.
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          i have been into school to help with a knitting craft club and my youngest is doing cards and scrapping at the moment and the eldest has done the same and a little bit of cookery - most of the people who help out at these clubs are also on the PTA and the school usually askes that all the committee members are police checked or have their AccessNI certificate
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