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    Following on from my earlier post:

    Does anyone else use 123-reg for their website design.

    This is what I currently use (it was recommended to me) and now wandering if it's it that user friendly.

    It appears that I am unuable to 'Add to Cart' buttons (via Paypal), as 123-reg will not allow me to add the hmtl code for the button. Unfortunately, this template design is very restrictive.

    I find that I'm just unable to make the improvements people are suggesting with my site.

    Is anyone else finding this problem or is it me???
    Take care

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    I tried a template with 123 reg a few years ago and didn't last long with it as it was just too restrictive as you are finding out. I also found their control panel / admin login very clumsy and I just couldn't get to grips with it at all.

    I moved over to Mr Site which is very user friendly but have now outgrown that and have signed up with Volusion for an all singing all dancing e-commerce site which I am building just now. A bit more expensive but still pretty easy to do the design and back end admin.