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High street shops going bust - what does that mean for us?

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  • High street shops going bust - what does that mean for us?

    I'm sitting here listening to the news about M&S allegedly having to cut back on staff, Debenhams & Next not doing well over Christmas, etc. Pretty depressing & scary stuff!

    But then I started thinking. What does that mean for us crafters working from home? For instance, if these high street shops close down, where are people going to go to buy jewellery for instance? These retailers have HUGE overheads, lots of debt, etc.

    Is this good news for small online shops, etc.? Just trying to stay positive here...

    Would love to know your thoughts.

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    I think it will be good news for us providing we can keep up the standard and variety that customers may want. Offering a more personal service, no parking fees etc etc.

    Someone on here found a link with the New York times over just this saying that crafters would do well, cannot find now but it was an interesting read.

    found it, it was a post started by Peter


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      This is very interesting, I think as people are spending more time working trying to earn more and then go home to spend time with their family, the last thing that they would want to do is then go out to buy whatever it is that they want and because of this more and more people are turning to online shopping sites, I know on my main site I have definatly seen an increase in sales but that could just be due to christmas shopping so only time will tell, but I do think that eventually the internet will take over real life shops.

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