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Advise on shop space rental, please.

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  • Advise on shop space rental, please.

    I'm in the very very early stages of making plans to open my own craft shop. Where i'll be looking to sell craft materials as well as renting out shelf space for crafters to sell there handmade products.

    I'm starting to work out prices of how much it's going to cost to set up and running expenses ie; Rent, insurance, stock, electric, advertising....etc I've got a shop in mind that's been empty for sometime and it seems perfect. I've been think of it for some time, but one thing has stumped me and i need advise.

    How much should i charge for renting out shelf space for crafters to sell thier wears? Do i charge a set fee per week/month? Should i charge commision too??

    Any advise will be greatful. many thanks
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    Oh that all sounds very exciting.

    Don't have any advice sorry - just wanted to wish you Good Luck and hope it will be a great success


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      Can't compare with Botany Bay in Lancs as it's huge, but they rent out space and take a percentage of each item sold.
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        hi there

        i used to sell my candles in a large craft shop where it was run by the crafters ans we paid £40.00 a month and they took no commission or % of our sales.

        I also sell my candles in an art gallery/craft shop and they are sell or return.

        Lastly, I used to sell my candles in another art gallery before they closed and they used to take 30% off our sales.

        I think it depneds on what sort of crafts you are going to be selling and what sort of prices the crafters will be charging, I wouldn't be happy if I was selling small cheap things and was having a large cut taken off me.

        Good luck with the shop though.

        Vicky xx
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          I could give the info but dare not get involved in another thread on this subject
          A search should enlighten you


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            would love to sell in your craft shop!

            What a great adventure! I sell in 5 places at the moment, prices range from £30 per month to £56 per month, all with about 20% commission. Some just charge commission , about 45%, which is best for the crafter, and will encourage great people to want to exhibit with you. I think most people work out what they need to bring in from rental once they work out the bills that need to be covered.

            You could go for a price per shelf, which then means people can choose how much they can afford? Just a thought.

            I really would love to sell in your shop, so If you'd like to know more about JoJoJewellery, just email me at [email protected], and I can send you to me website.

            Good luck with your exciting project!


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              Hi Quirky,

              Sounds a very exciting adventure ...and a massive commitment! When I read your post one thing struck me ...why has the shop been "empty for some time"?

              I'm sure you know exactly what you're doing, but be careful, don't sink all your hard earned cash into a poor location. That alone could ruin the business.

              Don't mean to be a killjoy wishes with the venture. Let us know how it progresses.

              Fair Do

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                What a great idea!
                There's a place near me that rents out spaces in display cabinets starting from about £6 per week for one shelf (about 10" square). I was tempted to try it but they are more known for antique and second hand stuff. I'd jump at the chance to rent space in a shop like you suggest. I'd rather pay either rent or commission, not both together.
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                  Hi Quirky. I have stuff in my cabinets from a few other crafters and I sell on 20% commission with sale or return and no rental charges.

                  Up until last summer I had my own goods in 3 other places; one was a local art gallery that doesn't charge rent but takes 40% commission but they do limit you to 3 or 4 pieces as its right next to the college so there's always new artists wanting to display their work. Another was in an antiques centre that charged £6 per week for a small cabinet (5 small shelves) but no commission. The 3rd outlet was in a fairly upmarket fancy goods/household goods shop and they charged £8 per week for a bigger cabinet (4 large shelves), no commission. The last 2 asked for a £100 deposit - just in case I defaulted on the rent - but I had no problems getting it back when I took my stuff out when we expanded our market stall.

                  Whatever you decide to do, I wish you good luck. Keep us posted on how you get on.

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                    Thanks everyone for your idea and opinions. They have really helped. Still lots to think about yet, so i haven't yet committed to anything, but i'll keep you all posted if i open it.
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                      How exciting, it'll be great to have a craft shop in the area (I'm in Telford) and also would be interesting in renting out some space from you possibly too. Can't advise on prices as I've not done it before (and I'm slightly biaised in wanting some space so I'd say keep it cheap LOL ).

                      All the best with your venture & hope it works out for you, there's not much around here at all, especially now Craft Central have closed & it would be good to have a craft shop again.
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