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    someone told me a bit about this today and it sounds interesting
    anyone use it , how does it work and how much is it ??

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    I have used thisin the past and in my opinion it is a waste of money, with good links and SEO and adding your stock to google base your site can apear just as well in the search engines. Having said that adwords might be useful to you short term, as I said this is just my opinion though and it may have worked better for others

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      You need to spend quite a bit to make it worthwhile, it can cost a little fortune. It has a lot of options and the analytics is a great tool. Be careful as there a lot of sharks who will offer to manage your account once they find you have set one up. I get calls on a weekly basis.

      Edit to say it's free to set up, and only cost once it's 'live' (daily budget), so you could open an account and have a look.
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        Originally posted by sunrise View Post
        someone told me a bit about this today and it sounds interesting
        anyone use it , how does it work and how much is it ??
        The other comments so far are good.

        Basically pay-per-click advertising (google adwords is one system doing this) allows you to display adverts alongside search results, and in the "content network" (e.g. the ads that you see at the very top of this forum).

        You can create an account for free, and set a daily budget (remember, even £1 per day is still £365 per year). Then you enter keywords, or use a built in tool to generate a keyword list from your advert, and place bids on the ones you want to show adverts for. E.g. when someone searches for 'candle', you might bid a maximum of 10p. You will pay an amount (per click on an advert), upto these bids - and the level of the bid will determine how high up the list your advert is placed.

        As said by others, be careful as it's possible to spend a lot of money without seeing any benefit!


        1. Set your bids low (e.g. 10p maximum on popular or competative words) to start with. Raise individual ones only if you have to. Set "content network" bids to approximately half the value of "search" bids.

        2. Set a very low budget to start with. E.g. £1 per day as a trial.

        3. Use 'geographic' restriction, to lock your adverts down to (at most) western europe, USA, Canada, UK.

        4. If you are mainly after Euro visitors, set times against your campaign - e.g. 6am GMT to midnight GMT.

        Could go into a lot more detail, but I won't! PPC can be a useful tool, but can also be an immense waste of money, so again - be very careful!

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          I use it - google adwords - and I have found it to have really helped my site ratings and my sales. I am convinced that the majority of my sales are generated through being on this. Most people that I have asked have found me via that and I think, for me, it is a worthwhile cost. I pay a maximum of £40 per month ( which may sound a lot but I have wasted more than that on craft fairs each month and sometimes sold nothing! where as my internet sales are now usually £250 - £350 per month ).

          Do be careful though and matt.chatterley has made some really good points.

          I am really careful what keywords I use and did a bit of research with existing customers to find out what search words they used and what makes them click on a certain site.

          Hope that helps.
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