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  • Just got back from a Fair

    Just got back from our local Christmas Fair, very poor turn out of customers this year and some were lucky if hey made their rent back. Last year was totally different, amazing what a difference a year can make.

    As mentioned before I am going back to my original ideas as Paul McCartney said on a programme today, follow your ideas and do not let anyone take you off your chosen path. So now the sales begin of all my old stock I have also decided to un make a lot of my jewellery and start again, there is just so much of it out there, will add the beads to my bag and clothes designs instead.

    How has everyone else done/doing this weekend?

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    Sorry to hear that the event didn't go well, at least you have a positive focus for your future work.

    I've been finishing a Christmas present commission today for a Forum member... and I'm really pleased with the finished result. I'm also getting myself ready for my last fair before Christmas, and looking forward to a concert tonight.

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      Thank you Si enjoy your concert tonight.


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        that's a shame Carol - shame you can't predict what a fair is going to be like I'm busy preparing for a fair next weekend at Elie in Fife and one the week after in Balerno.......typically I haven't had a fair in months and then two come along one after the other lol

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          Good Luck for next week Pagan


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            Hi Carol sorry to hear its not been a good fair . I have just finished my 3rd fair of the weekend !!! The 2 yesterday were ok and today's was good but way down on last year !!
            I have 5 more fairs and 2 party evenings left to do so now i have to sew like mad !!

            I think people are spending a lot less this year compared to last year !!

            Sara x
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              Hi Sara

              I talked to several exhibitors at the fair and they all said the same as you people are being careful regardless of their job situation as none knows when this recession will end.

              Good Luck with your other events


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                Sorry to hear your day wasn't so good but glad to know you have good plans for the new year. I guess sometimes its good to have a 'good old sort out' and rethink things. I regularly take jewellery apart that has not sold, usually make it into something else and it goes instantly! Selina


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                  sorry you had a bad fair. last wekend I only took 1/2 the price of the table. today was a good day. (I forget whosaid that) anyway made double the table money today so tomoz is all mine. mine ..mineeeeeeee lol
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                    Been a funny week, Wed average, Fri up on the usual, Sat absolute rubbish till 2pm then all hell broke lose, and takings are back up, including some of your stuff Hils


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                      Originally posted by Caroleecrafts View Post
                      How has everyone else done/doing this weekend?
                      Sorry your day didn't go well.

                      Actually had 2 different events today, the one in the morning was a school one and although it started slowly and was only on for a few hours but ended up doing really well
                      The other one was a full day craft fayre (OH had agreed to cover the morning for me) - it was so quiet all day and took less than £40.
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                        Thank you all for your comments, one good thing came of the fair I met Homesweethome from this forum. It is lovely to meet other members in the flesh so to speak and her stall had lovely goodies.


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                          I have found the same with my fairs. People seem to be just concentrating on xmas presents this year rather than buying something special for themselves as well like previous years. I have also found that they have a strict budget and if something they like is the wrong price they will pick something else instead.



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                            Sorry you had a bad day, but Ihave been there, more times than most, but as everyone has said, people are not spending as they have done in the past. I feel lucky that I did well yesterday, although that was not a fortune, but I think luck and being in the right place at the right time has a lot to do with it.

                            If only we could all find that RIGHT place and time we would all be laughing!!!!!!!

                            Better luck for next time xx
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