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  • ARRRRRR No displays left!

    Just found out that when we moved we threw out my wooden display sets I used last year in the craft show!

    Did this because I had told myself not to do anymore and now I don't have anything to display my stuff on......arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Wyatt does not have his shed anymore so can't just rustle me up something like he did last year and although I've thought of placing boxes under the cloth to have raised bits here and there I dont think it will work with the lightness of my tiny models!!!!

    So its back to the drawing board and seeing what I can use!!!!!

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    My sympathies, I do this all the time with market stalls, whenever I stop doing Sunday markets I think whats the point of keeping the stall and flog it, then a couple of years later Im buying another!!
    Got 2 10 foot square walk ins,made special to my design a couple of years ago, and so far have managed to resist selling them,


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      Have you bought any tins of biscuits or sweets yet for xmas? They'd be heavy enough to stay put. Or if you have a few tupperware type tubs with lids, you could fill them with something heavy and use them.

      Not the best of ideas I know but hey . . . . needs must!

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        I've used heavy books covered with cloths before now when I've been stuck - luckily I did languages at uni so I have some very heavy dictionaries lying around! Although they are a bit heavy to carry!

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