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Why do we do it?!!!

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  • Why do we do it?!!!

    I have been reading some of the threads about how good/bad people have done at fairs in the last couple of weeks and those who have to do a part time (or full time) job to keep their heads above water and wondered - why do we do it?! Why do we keep making, and planning, organising, driving to fairs and sitting in halls for hours on end for little or no rewards? I'm almost beginning to think it is like gambling - we get one good 'hit' so we keep coming back for more!!

    I know the obvious answer - we just love to make and show people what we do, but, what makes us keep coming back, despite poor sales, horrible customers etc? Why do we put ourselves through it?

    For me I just seem to have a ton of ideas that i just 'have' to get out of my head or I feel like I'm going mad. What is your reason??

    "You only retire when you stop doing something you don't like and start doing something you do..."

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    I know what you mean I think I'm having more luck selling stickers and toppers than I am my actual cards but it's so addictive, I sorted my accounts this weekend and also found out that I'm addicting to spending as well. There's no hope for me!!!!



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      I have been doing this for longer than I care to remember, does the poor sales stop me NO! You've sussed it craft is my addiction and I love it.


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        Hello, my name is Sue and I'm a craftaholic ...........!

        I think you hit the nail on the head!
        Life's not a race, do take it slower. Hear the music before the song is over.


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          I do it because im too unwell to hold down a normal job and this is my lifeline . It stops me going crazy from boredom when im too ill to go out.

          I know what you mean though, when profits arent going well its such an uphill struggle and you wonder is it worth it ..but creating is addictive and each sale is exciting.


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            This is a toughie - when I used to do craft fairs for my handmade jewellery I would have days that were a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y soul destroying and I would come away barely making the table money and I would question why I was ever doing it..... then I would have a day where I had loads of sales and would think 'Wow'. Even more confusing is when people say 'oh how lovely/its so good to see handmade things' and then walk away . Anyway, I think the better days carried me through the rough days and right now its important to remember that people are holding on to their money a bit longer because of all the 'recession' talk.


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              imho I believe craft fairs are a great way for crafters to advertise themselves. It's so easy to hand out business cards, even to people who just stop & look & don't buy anything. Then, of course, there are those fairs where you do make loads of sales I found it was a good idea to have quite a few items for children, if they're cheap enough, they can buy them out of their pocket money and while the children were looking at the stall, their parents also wandered over and had a look. I was surprised at how many adults also bought the kids' stuff as funny little gifts for a partner, or, friends.

              "One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star."


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                Reading through this thread made me smile. I'm normal and aparantly also a craftaholic!


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                  Well I have figured out that I need to keep trying to sell my jewellery, as I have a bead addiction that needs paying for, so as the great stripey ones say, every little helps!

                  Sometimes you get nice customers, and sometimes you get really orrible ones, and then there are the times that you get a really orrible one, and karma bites them on the bum at the same time, that is verrrrrrrrrrrrrry satisfying.

                  Also, I work from home, working on the computer, and there is only so much solitare that I can stand between customers, and so sometimes I bead and work at the same time. Can always guarantee that I need to work just as I get to a tricky bit that needs 2 hands!

                  Not that the keyboard likes it mind, what with the seedies and bits of cut off wire disappearing under the keys, oh and the fact that I dropped my pliers on the keyboard and broke the insert and delete keys!