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    Sugggestion for anyone thinking of building a website.
    Mr Site looks really good, but as an alternative (if you want to look around), I use Moonfruit. The very basic sites are free (although without domain names) and give you a chance to mess around with it. Even the basic packages, you can use your own name and your suffix will be a choice of moonfruit endings (I didn't explain that very well). The basic (free) package doesn't include ecommerce but you can upgrade at any point and you get loads of extras including ecommerce (Paypal bits). With their 'standard' package you can build 5 sites I think and get a free domain name.
    Might be worth a look, although I know a lot of crafters support Mr Site. Anyone use any other site builders?


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    Not so much a site builder in the 'Mr Site' sense, but I use Magento - an open-source ecommerce system. It's free to use, so you just need to pay a hosting fee (not expensive if you shop around!) and set it up. There are LOADS of features - e.g. I can see who's online on my website at ANY time and what they've been looking at!! Also has a built-in 'wishlist' feature and you can setup Paypal etc. with just a few clicks.

    I downloaded it and installed it myself (just a case of uploading it, then running the install page), but some hosting companies will do that for you.

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      I use freewebs, someone set it up for me a few months ago as a push to start me selling.
      It's okay, but if this really takes off I will probably use a better one, and I shall probably be using Mr Site as it has been recommended so many times by other people.
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        I use which I have found easy to use as I have no web building skills. Its a cheap alternative if you allow them to keep their logo at the bottom.
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