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  • Help with w/sale sale & return


    I've just had an e-mail asking me to place some earrings in a shop in the centre of London.

    I normally sell my earrings for around £5 a pair online, however I would be suggesting a retail price of £7.50 - how much do I ask the shop to pay me out of that £7.50 and how do I phrase it in my return e-mail?

    Basically do I say - I can supply 20 pairs of earrings to you at £4.00 ea but you must resell them at £7.50 or is it not usual to specify a retail price?

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp and also YAY (someone likes my stuff!)

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    It's totally up to you what you want. Decide how much you would be happy selling them for and if like you say charge the wholesaler £4.00 you could either give them a recommended retail price of £7.50 or insist that they sell them for £7.50 (you might need a contract written up for something like that though).

    Usually a retailer is looking to mark up roughly double so I think £7.50 would be the sort of price they would be wanting to sell for anyway.

    Hope that helps.



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      Are you going to be named as the producer? if so, I imagine that the shop would not be happy for you to be selling them for £5.00 on your online store whilst they are selling at £7.50.

      My retailers sell in line with the prices I do so that the client isn't drawn away from the retailer in your favour.
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        another couple of questions - do I have to specify the retail price - the hubs thinks it's unusual.

        Also, how do I stand with insurance/liability. I have market trader's insurance but I suppose in the end I am ultimately responsible as a designer if my designs cause someone harm.


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          I'd suggest a retail price (SRP - Suggested retail Price) - this gives the retailer the option of either selling at that price or bumping up the price a bit.

          Can I just insert a word of caution here (don't want to be a killjoy) - phishing emails often take the tone of a trade enquiry...I've been caught by these in the past...they might be quite short and perhaps not using good grammer - I've had a few that said "I am interested to place an order for soaps" I replied and then got spammed.

          The other cautionary tale is that, with sale or return you have to really trust the retailer. My daughter makes cards and found a shop willing to take them on sale or return. She'd phone every week and they'd say they hadn't sold any and then they stopped answering the phone - she called round and they'd gone bust - taking £300 worth of cards with them.

          Ask for a phone number and an address and make the time to go and see them. You can't vet your customers but you can vet the trades people you sell to and I've learnt a few harsh lessons...if it smells like a fish it's probably fishy

          I hope I didn't make you feel depressed with my cynical caution...

          I do wish you well

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            with sale or return, you should always have a contract or statement stating that the goods are still technically yours and therefore are not part of the shops inventory should it go bust.
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              the do's and don'ts of sale or return
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                Youse people are so helpful! Thank you.

                I've actually heard of the shop before, someone recommended it to me, either here or on another forum. I've checked out their website and Hubs says we should go and talk to them in the shop at the weekend.

                So far I've e-mailed back saying that yes I can do wholesale, and where is your paperwork?