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  • How's business?

    Hi all

    Just being nosey really, and seeing if anyone has seen a recent increase/decrease in sales online?

    We are a new online shop so can't compare but have heard from some that the credit crunch has had an effect on their sales.

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    No change in sales, and not really sure what the coming months will mean to us all.

    As always its going to depend on what your are selling etc.

    There has been a big upturn in people trying to make money from their hobbies in recent times, and this will surely only continue as people try to get more money coming in.

    As we all know on this forum, there are lots of crafters doing just that, so if you are supplying craft stuff etc you could be ok.

    I also see things staying good for crafters - people will be careful how they spend their money and want value for it, but something 'shiney and nice' will also give them the feel good factor!

    Wouldnt want to be selling cars at the moment though.

    All the best



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      I think the lack of fairs and cancelled fairs, says it all, things are slow. Have a party booked for tonight last year the hostess had 25 guests and took £350, this year apparently only 6 definates, so not expecting a large turnover tonight.
      I have my own open house in November not sure again how much I will take, have turned down a craft fair for £35 rent as too much at the moment, after all I am in business and trying to earn a living not pay the organisers.
      Will post tomorrow how I do.


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        My sales are about normal for the time of year but my wholesale orders are up plus i have lots of Christmas fairs in the next few months !!

        Good luck tonight Carolee
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          Definately would not like to be in the car business at the mo! I actually prefer buying online nowadays, as its more convenienet and the majority of the time, cheaper. Also in terms of crafts, people love presents that are original.

          Good luck tonight Carolee.

          Baby bibs with a difference...
          We now do t-shirts up to 4 years!


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            I did a craft fair last saturday and didn't make my table price for the first time ever. in fact about 6 people stopped at my table all day and only bought mobile phone charms or girls jewellery.

            all crafters had a bad day, even the girl who does homebaking so i took heart it wasnt just me


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              Don't panic !

              October is historically a bad trading month in general. I always call October lull time. Halloween and bonfire night take presidence and then come second week of Nov things generally pick up.

              I have a hunch people may turn to markets and craft websites possibly for better bargains, not sure about craft fairs though, for some reason craft fair = lardy da more expensive causing people to stay away, I could be wrong though.
              At the end of the day, Christmas is coming and people will spend no question, but it might be last minute.


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                Good. I wasn't worrying but getting a bit unenthusiatic (is that a word?). Hope it picks up for everyone .
                Baby bibs with a difference...
                We now do t-shirts up to 4 years!


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                  I've just been hitting my weekly target each week of this month & then the holidays come and I went over targert big time, like Bently said Oct suffers from Haloween & Guy Fawks but I also think peeps rain in the pennies after being so loose with them over the summer, plus they know Christmas is coiming. I know I have had a few big purchases made in the Crafters Gallery with the common theme being they want handmade & something unique.
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                    Mines picked up over the last 4 months, cant say Ive had regular sales but Ive had more sales lately than Ive ever had.


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