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    I saw there is a place where people can report transactions not being respected or attempts. A friend of mine ordered some snake skins from the "implora" site, they were ordered in February and in spite of some mails she sent there was nothing received, although the credit card was taxed 300 E for the transaction. I had a symmilar situation with a Thai site, I ordered a couple of snakeskins and they arrived (worth 100$) and then when I thought the thing is reliable and made an order of ~200 E received nothing, the order is 4 months old and I mailed them to ask what's happening, they didn't even care to answer. Is there something that can be done or I just may kiss my empty pocket good-bye ? :P

    I also would like to ask if someone knows something about - are they reliable, did someone order from them ? For good many items they seem to have reasonable prices but I wouldn't risk to order so easy (I need gold wire and a lot of pretty expensive stuff, you figure...)
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