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Soft toys safety-HELP!

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  • Soft toys safety-HELP!

    Hi there I am very new user of this forum but already finding it very helpful.
    I am about to launch my funny kids cushion collection and because it is meant to be used by kids it comes under toy category and what comes with it CE mark.
    I use felt and cotton.
    My question is about cotton. It is flammable material and I don't know if I can continue using it. I have seen lots of children's toys made of 100% cotton and none of them had KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE MARK which confuses me even more.Ah and on top of that the lady from the fabric shop told me that getting technical sheet for the cotton will be very difficult! I have got the technical sheet for the felt from the manufacturer ( they say that the felt is not flame resistant but it meets toys safety requirements-is it the same with cotton?)

    Any information will be very helpful as I have been reading so much and getting more and more confused.

    Thanks so much for any information upfront.

    Cushy Cow Ltd

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    toy safety


    I think you ought to contact your nearest Trading Standards Office possibly via your local council as they should have all the info you need - don't just take a shopkeepers word that fabric is ok for children

    Good luck