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Public Liability or Risk Assessment Forms? HelP!

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  • Public Liability or Risk Assessment Forms? HelP!

    Morning All!

    6 months ago I took over the voluntary role of organiser for a craft and gift section of a local monthly market. I pay the rent for our section of the hall, so it is up to me to get the traders in to cover that rent. The hall liability insurance covers accidents arising from the building, but not directly as a result from one of the stalls or its contents. One of the other rules I inherited was that traders had to have public liability. I have found that this rule really knocks the small time genuine crafters out of the event, and those are exactly the people I am trying to encourage!

    For other charity events that I help with, we send out forms so that traders can do their own risk assessment and sign to say that they take their responsibility for their stall, display and contents.

    I understand that as the organiser, all be it voluntary, the buck kind of stops with me!!!! Therefore does anyone know if the risk assessment form is ok as an alternative to the insurance, or if a hideous accident were to happen, would the buck still stop with me?!

    Hope you all understand what I am trying to say, and hope someone out there can help me!!!
    Carrie xx

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    As someone in the same position as you, I'd stick to each crafter having their own liability insurance. As a crafter you can get a fantastic policy for as little as £50 for the year that covers public and product liability, and will cover most crafters, not only at your fairs, but other fairs and even working from home. That's quite a bargin for £50.

    Public liability isn't something I've insisted on, as I've only taken over this year and in some respects I'm still fionding my feet.

    Sorry I can't answer your questions about risk assessment.

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      You need to insist that people have their own insurance as you could find yourself in a nasty position what if some one is injured by what they buy also if some one knock a table over and smashed all a selllers products they would need to claim.
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        Thank you Carol. It is so tricky isnt it?! So if you haven't insisted on it yet, and someone who attends doesnt have it, and an accident occurs, can the public come at you for damages as you are the organiser?

        I was just thinking if the crafters fill out a risk assessment, signing that they take full responsibility for the stall then that would pass on the risk and the responsibility from the organiser, ie. me...

        No wonder genuine crafts are disappearing over night, what with insurance, stall fees, tax man and other over heads, it's so tricky. Forexample my friend who makes amazing cards and sells them for just £1 each must be making them for almost nothing!

        Thank you for your help though Carol.
        Carrie x


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          A risk assesment would make the legal position more difficult for you as anyone sueing could argue that you knew the danger but did not take out any cover a risk assesment form can be used in court to prove you minimised the risk if you are sued but it will not protect you.

          Honestly what you need to do is have your own liabitiy cover as organisers but also insist that each seller is responsible for their product and send them a form stating this and you could even add the details of some insurance companied on it.

          We used to use Yorkshire fairs their terms are linked to from their booking page on the website.
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            Goodness me, Manda. How scarry. I only took this voluntary role on because no one else wanted to do it! Now I know why!!!!

            It's only a small little sale attached to a farmers market. I charge £5 a stall to cover the hall charges and advertising. Some months, I dont even cover all the costs, and now with this added difficulty. Oh Yuk! I wish I wasnt doing it now!

            Carrie xxxx