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    I've just recently started selling handmade beaded charms (you may have seen my recent post regarding pricing) and had my first sale a few days ago.
    The buyer informed me today that she had received the charm but said the package had gotten quite wet and the postman had commented on how it was lucky not to have broken up/contents fallen out. The charm was okay but I'm concerned this may happen again and need to re-evaluate how I'm going to package my items.
    With this charm, I simply wrapped it up in bubble wrap and placed it in a 'normal' sized envelope (sorry, can't remember the sizes! - the smallish ones).
    I originally looked on the Royal Mail site to work out my postage costs/options but I find the new way of calculating costs quite confusing. The depth of my letter/package was more than 5mm (making it a 'large letter') yet at the post office they classed it as a small letter, so I paid less than I thought it would be.
    Anyway, without increasing postage costs much, can anyone suggest a better way for me to package the charms? I've thought about the jiffy bags as they're usually waterproof and quite robust but is it worth it for something so small (the charms aren't very big - 3cm x 3xm approx.)? And what sort of costs can I expect? Also, can anyone recommend places to buy them?

    Thanks (sorry about the number of questions! Lol).

    Laura xxx
    Laura Lou xxx

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    I use jiffy bags.Id never thought about the getting them wet aspect.I cant see how you can be blamed for that.
    I getmine from Viking direct, they have a site.Mine are farely big and work out to cost me 16p each, in the shops theyd be around 50p each.
    Worth looking into.
    Or try cheaper grip seal bags from thebagnboxman or grovebeads.

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      For any small items that I sell I will wrap in bubble wrap (if necessary) and then pop into a grip seal bag and then pop that into a jiffy envelope.

      If you are buying large quantities of grip seals or jiffy envelopes there are a few packaging suppliers that work out good value however the last lot I got were bought on ebay and worked out even cheaper. I'll use viking when they have the buy 2 get the 3rd free offers on but otherwise they work out quite expensive.
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        Those little bags with the grippy seals on are very good. They are water proof (we have students bringing in wet soil samples in them!) so that should help in that respect, and you can get quite small jiffy bags these days too.
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          Thanks for all your advice

          I actually already have quite a few of the grip seal bags - mainly 'donated' from friends after me telling /showing them what I was selling, lol. I've used them when selling to friends/family (not needing to post them) with a little 'thank you' note inside.
          I guess it would help with 'waterproofing' if I used them when posting out but that doesn't stop the grip seal bag falling out/getting lost if the envelope gets damaged. By the way, the buyer wasn't complaining about the envelope being wet, in fact she was very nice. I think she was just offering some friendly advice.

          I think I'll have to go with the jiffy bags if I want to ensure that the package itself doesn't get damaged. What is the smallest size they do? I won't need much space - unless someone orders a whole batch of the things! Lol. - Which I doubt will happen!

          Thanks again for you help.

          Laura xxx
          Laura Lou xxx

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            How is the envelope getting wet?

            I would be complaining to the post office if they are getting mail wet...... don't make me have another post office rant!


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              I've no idea - that's just what the buyer told me.

              Now I think about it, I've never had wet mail... (except when the dog's got there before me ). You're right, the post should be protected from rain, shouldn't it?
              Laura Lou xxx

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                Sounds like the postman dropped it!

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                  Sounds like the post office or postmans fault. you can't prevent stuff getting wet or damaged by the PO.

                  God knows what they do with our parcels but I've had some arrive in terrible states even though they are packaged really well.

                  Maybe they use them for footie practice during their lunch breaks!


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                    I have never received a wet parcel either. Though my mum once got a letter that had been chewed by snails !! My aunt lived on the edge of Exmoor and the postbox was out in the middle of nowhere. We knew what it was cos there was an explanation from the postman on the back.
                    I use re-cycled jiffy bags and always make sure that both mine and the recipients name and address are inside the package as well.



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                      Our old postie once left a motor for my little boys train set out on the door step when it was pelting down. It had been really well wrapped but the rain still got in. I rang the post office and they sent me compensation, it wouldnt have occured to me to complain to the seller. I would not feel the need to use anything special, imagine if a normal printed letter got wet, you wouldnt be able to read it! Of course its the posties fault, I really wouldnt stress, it sounds like what you are doing is fine. As long as its protected from minor bumps you have done your bit
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                        You are all right. When she told me it had gotten wet I automatically presumed it was my fault for not making sure it was protected, but most letters aren't waterproof anyway! Hmmm... Dodgy postman, I reckon.

                        I had an order last week and recycled a jiffy bag I had (she ordered 4 so they wouldn't have fit in an envelope anyway), but I think in future for single orders I'm still going to use envelopes and wrap the charms in bubblewrap/grippy seal bags.

                        Thanks for all your comments. (They've reassured me!)
                        Laura Lou xxx

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                          I always wrap metal items in tissue and bubble wrap and then in a grip seal bag. These then go into a jiffy bag which I get from Viking. Fabric gets wrapped in tissue , grip seal bags - jiffy bag. Address inside the bag and in one of those ittle pouches on the front with the address inside.

                          Some large items get wrapped in plastic bags and then wrapped around with a heavy duty dustbin bag plus parcel tape. My Post lady is a mine of information about how to wrap parcels safely. To date I've not heard that anything has arrived in poor condition!

                          I could begin a rant about how stuff arrives with me however......... but it's only Monday and I can't afford to get that worked up....... there's the whole of the rest of the week.......