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Anyone else having Mr.Site probs this morning?

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  • Anyone else having Mr.Site probs this morning?

    Morning all,
    Don't think Mr.Site is running too well this morning. I can't view my website and I've tried to have a look at a few other sites that I know are Mr. Site ones and I can't see them either! Hope it doesn't last long!

    Whilst I'm on the subject of Mr.Site, does anyone know if upgrading to the Pro version makes £65 's worth of difference to visibility? You can put in 10 Meta tags on the basic version and my OH tried some clever computer geek trick to attatch more but it wouldn't work!

    Would it be worth the upgrade?
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    well isn't that typical! I write a post and then it sorts itself!

    Would still like to know about the upgrade thing though!
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      I'm a MrSiter too and my site seems to have been fine this morning. I think they seem to do updates sometimes which sends things funny for a little while but they do usually right themselves!.

      About the upgrade thing - I've been wondering about that too. From reading about it I'm not convinced it would make all that much difference but I am interested to see any replies on this too
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        I've got Mr Site too and I am not convinced it is worth the extra money to upgrade, I mean yes you get some more features but thats about it I think you get sales analysis and stuff like that but it does not seem much better! I could not get onto Mr Site all day Friday and Saturday but I seem to have this problem every 2 months! It's got to the pont where I may get a proffesional in it's just a case of sorting the good from the bad!!
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          I've been wondering this too, I think you get a lot more space for things such as pictures and extra pages, and you can also order personalised stationary using the same fonts etc as on your website.

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            Hmm.. not really interested in the stationary frills and extra space. It's the visibility I'm more concerned about. I thought the concept of Mr.Site was great at first (liked the idea of having complete control), but I think I'm going to have to eat humble pie and get hubby to do me a site!
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              I use Mr Site pro but to be honest I'm not convinced that it offers a lot extra. I like the additional photos in the shop, and express checkout, but the stationary's a waste of time! The "Site Boost" tools are handy, but my main gripe about them is that you have to tweak them a lot to get rid of the rubbish (e.g. it always gives me "Click images" as a keyword!), and then if you revise it at a later date you have to go through the whole process again.

              There's a very handy unofficial Mr Site forum where the guys are really helpful. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the name here, so if anyone has trouble finding it and would like to know what it is, PM me and I'll mail you the link.
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                Originally posted by Roseberry Crafts View Post
                Does anyone know if upgrading to the Pro version makes £65 's worth of difference to visibility? You can put in 10 Meta tags on the basic version and my OH tried some clever computer geek trick to attatch more but it wouldn't work!
                Would it be worth the upgrade?

                You were asking about whether Mr Site Pro made your site any more visible on the search engines, so I thought I would just write and let you know how/why Mr Site Pro benefits your site.

                What Mr Site Pro does:

                * It creates Google site maps automatically, a manual effort would take hours. The Mr Site site maps are super Google friendly and will keep Google informed of all your web pages and changes that you make to them.

                * It analyses the keywords on your pages to actually make sure you've got it right. This tool calculates both density and keyword popularity allowing you to make content changes on the fly. This means that what you write on your page will yield the best results when people search for your keywords.

                * It also improves accessibility by adding ALT tags to all images, plus relevant META data about a page meaning that Google knows exactly what is on your page and exactly what to do with it. You can even tell Google to ignore particular pages so they never appear on the search engines (such as private members only pages or family gallery pages).

                * You can also track your progress up the search engines with easy-to-read charts to see how you're doing month by month.

                * There is also the facility to get detailed information about who has visited your site and where from, what they typed into the search engines to find your site and which search engines they came from. You can also see which sites they came from so you can see who is linking back to your site (which is really important to Google rankings).

                * On many sites, use of Mr Site’s SiteBoost increases traffic by 20-30% (this figure is for guidance only and is reliant on many factors including your interpretation the advice given by the SiteBoost tools).

                As well as these elements, with Mr Site Pro, you also get:

                * A business stationery creation tool
                * A new built-in image editor so you can brighten, sharpen, colour adjust, crop, rotate and blur any photo on your Mr Site website.
                * A pro shopping cart with order tracking, stock control and support for Paypal Pro. You can also add up to three pictures per product, have advanced shipping options (based on quantity, weight and country) plus much more.

                I hope that provides more information about Mr Site Pro. If you have any further questions then do please get in touch with us.

                Mr Site Team