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Product Safety - What has Trading Standards told you ?

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  • Product Safety - What has Trading Standards told you ?

    I'll try and make this brief ...

    After contacting TS and having an initial meeting to show my work I decided to move away from making Soft Toys/ Plushies because of the safety requirements my TS officer was recommending - very stringent & time consuming indeed.

    Instead, I decided to make decorative pieces of fabric art such as pictures, bags, fabric tubs, coasters etc. generally things that children wouldn't be interested in.

    However after having a follow up inspection by my TS officer, she has now come back to me and advised me to conduct some flammability tests on the fabric I use for my products and to record the results to help show due diligence under the General Product Safety Regulations 2005. I also need to obtain certificates from the suppliers of the pads that I use for my cushions and the filling material used in my hangings etc. to show that they are compliant with the 1988 Regulations.

    I am just interested to know whether everyone else does the above for their products (if similar).

    My TS officer is a law grad and so extremely cautious to avoid the commission of an offence which is great but I can't help thinking 'Does everyone else who makes hand made items conduct such tests etc. ? '

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    Hi Laurie

    The pads you use for cushions, do they have a sew-in label with the safety info on and the filling material I would have thought would have a label on the bag with the same information. If they do, then surely this would cover you?


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      I keep full records of where and when i buy fabrics and any filling or wadding i use , i also add a card tag for anything that could be flammable or has small pieces that maybe swallowed and just basic information on the products !!
      I have a small piece on my website with product info and safety !!

      I have also ordered some new sew in labels with more info on them !!
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        I tend to buy my pads from John Lewis or similar so you'd assume that they had passed all the relevant tests etc. but according to my TS officer I should still obtain the relevant proof documentation. Same with the filling, the bag states that it complies with the Fire and Furnishings Act but again I have to try and obtain proof from the manufacturer.

        Personally I think it's all going a bit too far that's why I was interested in what everyone else does. I suppose it does depend on your individual TS as to what they consider adequate.


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          This site state what regs each pad complies with.
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            Thanks Goldy - most helpful !