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  • Domain Name ****s

    Sorry not to have been to the forum for a while but contract work has got in the way of the Craft Business!!

    Not sure if this has been posted before but thought I'd better warn you all of a Domain Name **** that has just been tried on me.

    A cold caller rings from a (supposed) domain name registration company claiming that a client of theirs is attempting to register variations of domain names similar to your own. Now there concerned that their client may be up to no good and having checked that you are a bonefide company felt compelled to offer you the option to register these domain names through themselves first. They would then charge you a vastly inflated cost to register these names for you (if indeed they registered them at all). In my case they were talking about £1000 to register 10 names!! I'd heard about this before so didn't take up their kind offer!

    Don't fall for it - It's a ****! The company that contacted me was, but if you check out domain**** there are several other companies trying the same thing. It's hard enough to make a living as it is without these ******** trying to **** you!! I've reported this lot to Trading Standards in Brighton where the domain name was registerered, but they checked it out and the company do not seem to exist at the address given - confirming that they are probably up to no good!!

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    What a cheek ! Well spotted ****


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      There's also an email version of that **** going around - a friend of mine who runs her business via her website was contacted by email with much the same story. Luckily, she also spotted it as a ****

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        That lot phoned me 8 times in all threatening solicitors etc because I was starting to get aggressive on the phone to them. Even when I put the answering machine on the called four times in a row trying to annoy. Eventually had to answer again and tell them that if I got one more call I would be passing it onto the police. That finally stopped it.

        Mega chancers.
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          Originally posted by candala View Post
          That lot phoned me 8 times in all threatening solicitors etc because I was starting to get aggressive on the phone to them. ...

          Mega chancers.

          How do they suppose harrassment is going to get them any money?! Maybe it would have been worth reporting them anyway if they had left a contact telephone number :S

          Oh well, at least your marketing must be getting somewhere so that people have heard of your site and therefore one or two of them feel compelled to try and **** you!
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            a new one to beware of...

            I just had this in my in-box this morning but googled it and sure enough comes up as a ****. Thought it may be useful alert for others:


            Dear Principal,

            Are you the owner of the trademark "xxxx", please?

            We are the Internet Trademark Name register and dispute organization in Asia, which mainly deal with international company's in Asia.

            We have something important need to confirm with your company. On the Oct 27, 2008, we received an application formally. One company named "Sine international Holdings Ltd" applied for the Internet Trademark : (xxxx)

            After our initial examination, we found you have registered the brand, so we would like to confirm if Sine International Holdings Ltd consigned or authorized them to register, as if the Internet Trademark is registered for over 10 years, then they can dispute any domain name including yours (xxxxx) Now we have not finished the registration of Sine International Holdings Ltd yet, in order to deal with this issue better, please let someone who is responsible for trademark or domain name contact me as soon as possible.

            Best Regards,


            Auditing Department

            This is a useful site should anyone get any similar contact they'd like to check out: http://www.domain****


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              Two alarm bells here............'sine' means China, and 'Asia' usually means China!


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                Originally posted by Peter View Post
                Two alarm bells here............'sine' means China, and 'Asia' usually means China!
                SINE is the Gaelic version of the name JEAN, OR SHEENA, which is my name....but I am not ****ming or trying to get anyone to buy up domain names !


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                  I quite frequently get post (literally letters through the door) about the time my domain names run out telling me my registration period is up and I need to send payment to re-register.

                  This is a total **** as somewhere in the small print I am transferring my registration to them... They are sometimes very convincing looking - I imagine someone paying less attention might well fall for it and lose either their domain or their money.


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                    I keep getting the e-mail 'Important information regarding your bank account with so and so'
                    I don't even bank with them! So there's no way those e-mail are getting opened! Grrrr I hate people that do things like that!
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