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?selling from shops/garden centres?

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  • ?selling from shops/garden centres?

    Hi I am new to all this so please bear with me! I am thinking of going into business and am to-ing and fro-ing between internet selling and "reality" selling - ie in shops etc. Problem is i have a background in NHS and so have no experience of business/selling/retail! How am i best to approach shops/cafes/garden centres. Do they buy my stock on a sale or return basis (is that the right epression?) How do i first approach them? Am i best to make an appointment or to turn up with my product and try to convince them they want to sell it!? If they do want to sell my product (fingers crossed!) what do they get? Commission? Percentage? Or what? I really love doing my crafting but i really don't have a clue when it comes to the retail side do I!!!!! Does anyone know a good course/website to help or is this forum as good a place as any to get my questions answered?!

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    My best advice to you before you do anything is to contact your local Business Link. They will be able to give you basic advice about starting a business and give you some straight forward advice about how to get started with your sales.
    It's pretty scary when you get started, actually I find it pretty scary still, nearly three years in!! but running your own business can be the best thing you ever do!! Good luck
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      This is as good a site as any to find your answers, All I can tell you is that we had cabinets in art gallerys, antique centers, hairdresses for the last 4 years selling our jewelery. The first 2 years we did a bit all on percentage for the owner some on rent, the last 2 years they cost us money, I think that people need to be sold things these days and a static display just does not work. I may be wrong and the only way you will find out is to try it, just dont sign up to any long term contracts. see the threads on Botany bay on this site, they should give you some insite into the way things work