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Adding payment facilities to website - how easy ?

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  • Adding payment facilities to website - how easy ?

    I am in the process of setting up my website and at the moment I do not have any payment facility. My technical ability is pretty limited but my husband is helping me with the website itself.

    Hubby thinks it'd be very expensive to get someone to set up the website with payment facilities and so we just have images and information about my work with contact details at the moment.
    I already have a paypal account and would probably choose to use Paypal if we did have a payment facility.

    Could someone possibly please help me with this ? Where do we start in terms of adding a payment facility. Sorry if I'm being dim here ..

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    Adding Paypal to a website is fairly easy and the basics don't cost anything other than the charges Paypal make when someone buys something from you. I believe at the very least you will need a Premier account which is fairly easy to set up, then you follow the paypal guide to set up the shopping cart on your website, this is located in the merchant services heading. The next step up is Payment Pro but I don't know much about this I'm afraid.

    If I can do it anyone can.
    Hope this helps a little.


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      Thanks Amanda, that's really helpful. I didn't realise it was that easy in theory. My husband will be able to help me with this I'm sure.


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        Hi Amanda,

        I agree if you are just setting up your website Paypal would be the best solution. It would need to be a premier account but like Colourart there are no charges for holding an account only on any sales you make - and the rate is pretty much in comparison with other banking rates.

        There is a technical manual on the paypal website which shows you how to integrate the shopping cart with your website.




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          Hi Laurie.
          I will get back to your email later if I can but just here to agree with the others about how easy Paypal is to set up. Charges are comparable and I think it's worth the charges as I found people were put off by having to send a cheque. I still give them the option but nearly all choose paypal. The site talks you through it but shout if you need help.