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Constructive Critisism on my website please

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  • Constructive Critisism on my website please

    Had an op and can't move to far, or too fast at the mo ... needed something to keep my mind active.

    anyhoo, finally got my website finished, here it is:

    Many thanks for your feedback.

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    Great site

    Do hope you feel better soon

    I have had a look at your site, very easy to find your way around and your service looks very interesting.

    What part of the country are you in?

    Good luck Lynn

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      Thank you for the pity, am enjoying wallowing in my own... right now too x

      I'm in London, being mobile (or not as the case may be right now ) I start at junction 1 and am happy to travel around the M25.

      Decided not to be specific about where I am otherwise that could close off options before I consider them

      I'm pleased you could find your way round, thank you. x
      Life is nothing without friendship


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        Hi Lynn,

        I had a look at your site. I found it nice and easy to navigate. Works a treat!

        I was a bit underwhelmed by the site heading/logo. Maybe have a more interesting heading instead of just text. Somethin eycatching and fun to look at? Just an idea.

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          Thanks, yes I agree, its a pain!!!

          I would have loved to put my logo there, but, as its a free site I can only use what they gave me. (plus as I went through to sign up, I got £5 just for signing up )

          I'd also have loved to add meta tags and tag the photos... I'm really sad that I can't because it will never hit google like this, but based on both your feedback, it will be a good enough site to add to a business card for people to reference to.
          Life is nothing without friendship


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            You get what you pay for.. Basically you going to lose any value from your domain has, and its unlikely that many people will buy from the domain it redirects to as it used by spammers and fake sites.. I worth considering moving it to and real host if you wish to sell anything..

            The internet isn't free.. You always pay in one area or another.. I think if you site is about information that some might find one day or its a business..

            I'm not having a go just..

            It looks good and works well but the domain bugs me big time I hate mircosoft too.. Google and alike will have problem as it redirect to the m$ site..

            Hope that helps..

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              Thank you yes, your points are valid, and true, I wouldn't purchase from a site that wasn't felt 'trusted'.

              Luckily I only had to pay a £1 thro strato hosting for my domain the web functions were too confusing for me, I don't understand the language, yes, if I want it to earn money for me I will need to go with a host using html - or perhaps mr site?

              This was easy and fun... bit like the easy upload geocities that I did for my wedding site (just information and pictures to share with family etc) I probably wouldn't set up a shop under this host but if 'basically' the structure (text/explanation etc.) is sound then I can take it to somewhere else if I want to take my business up a step from part time mostly hobby to sole business - even then I doubt if it would make me a millionaire as it is a lifestyle business really isn't it.

              hmmm again, as you said, trouble is, anything more technical really does cost money, and my hubby only does html and C++ n SQL ~ even then he wouldn't want to do my site for me as he would see it as a busmans holiday
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                I think your site looks good and I like the colour scheme especially. Your information is clear and well presented too.

                I also use microsoft office and I've been confused about this hosting thing for a while. I've been thinking about switching to Mr Site but would I be able to transfer my domain name?

                Helen x

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                  most want a fee to take your domain name over... peggyprints diverts to peggycrafts so you could already be on a divert... I'm not sure!

                  I love the acrylic picture, beautiful. (nb it doesn't have add to cart beside it).
                  Life is nothing without friendship