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  • Paypal & postage charges

    I've already had some advice on this (thanks Incy!) but I still have some questions!

    Basically I need to start charging for p&p on my website as I'm loosing out quite a bit on the p&p rates - I currently offer free p&p on orders.

    As my Mr Site website has the Paypal shopping cart function, I know how to set levels of p&p - eg purchase of 0.01p to £9.99 will have a £1 p&p charge etc.

    However, my question is - if I set this to work on my website, will it affect any ebay listings and other websites that payments via paypal come from? The email addresses are different to the one which I use for my Tip Top Toppers website.

    What I don't want is that my tiered p&p system on Tip Top Toppers will override my husbands website payment system (does not use Paypal shopping cart function - I've checked as his is hosted by 1&1) nor his ebay shop.

    Can anyone offer any advice??!!


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    I'm not 100% sure on this but I think if you have 2 Paypal addresses then it should treat them as 2 separate accounts - we have one for the business and one for us that go to completely different email addresses. If you set it up for one account then it shouldn't affect the other.
    I think anyway!!!
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      I agree with Swirly though not totally sure. I think as long as what you are doing on your site only points to the paypal account your hubby doesn't use you should be okay - like Swirly I have one accout for the candles and another personal one that I use for everything else.



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        Eeeee - I knew you two would be able to help!

        I talked it through with Simon last night and he seemed to think the same thing - I was hoping thats what would happen that the seperate email addresses would be treated seperately.

        Will have to give it a try!!

        Think I'll wait till after May though.....


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          I'm putting my postage up a bit on the new site - it's so easy to loose out with postage and paypal fees etc.

          Tip top - I asked a friend who sells on eBay and has the paypal postage option on her website and she said it doesn't add onto her sold ebay items.
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            I use a PayPal shopping cart on my website plus I use the same PayPal account for eBay. The postage amounts that you enter on your PayPal account only affect the shopping cart, not eBay. Basically eBay adds up the total amount due, including postage, from the info. you've put on eBay and then just tells PayPal what to charge.
            Hope that helps.

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              OOhhhh! You are all super!!

              I'm going to add p&p charges after May just incase there are any teething problems which I can't sort whilst I'm on me jollies on a no mobile signal or internet holiday in North Devon!! I'd be having kittens worrying!

              Paypal really does take a chunk and then I pack things a bit too bulky sometimes and it falls into the parcel rate and its almost 3 times the cost... grrrrr!!!

              Thanks for all your help!