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  • Etsy payment options

    Does anyone offer cheque payment on Etsy? Or are you all just PayPal?

    I was thinking about offering payment by cheque - but would only accept on UK orders. Is that possible? - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories

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    Hi Incywincy
    I would be careful about accepting cheques as most buying customers expect the goods to be posted as soon as they make a payment. With a cheque it can take 5-7 days to clear which means you either have to hold on to the goods for that amount of time or you run the risk of the cheque bouncing or getting cancelled (this does happen speaking from experience). If you do intend to go ahead with accepting cheques and there isn't a facility to stop ones from outside the UK you can add some text to your checkout page and terms page to state that you only accept cheques from the UK. That way if anyone outside the UK sends you one, you can just cancel the order from inside paypal or hold on to the money until it has cleared.

    Hope this helps.


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      Hi Incy,

      I just accept paypal. I also considered accepting cheques from UK buyers only, but wasnt sure how to set that up, so that international buyers wouldnt pay by cheque. So have just left it as it is.
      I guess you could put in the description or your profile, that you accept cheques from UK buyers only, but please contact me before you purchase?
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        Thanks flooby & hopej -
        There is an 'other' option on the 'edit your payment method' page. I was thinking of ticking that, then stating in my profile and at checkout that I only accept UK buyers. - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories


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          I've just had a look at mine and I've ticked paypal and other. I figured that if people want to pay by cheque then they will see that I accept other and get in touch. I see no problem in saying that you only accept cheques from UK buyers as I've seen on my Australian profiles that they accept bank transfer but only for Aus citizens. They usually have a note on their front page that says to convo them. If you do start to accept cheques then make it clear that there will be a delay of about 10 days until the buyer gets their items due to cheque clearing time. That will usually make them pay by paypal!! Also if you do accept cheques from overseas buyers then make sure it is a sterling cheque as the bank may not be able to accept it and will charge you anyway making it not worth your while. It'll cost your buyers more to get a sterling cheque but some people do prefer to do it that way - I've had a sale on ebay done this way.
          Hope that helps
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