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Posting large fragile items?

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  • Posting large fragile items?

    Hi all
    i need to post my latest sculpt: an Audrey 2 to Germany

    This will be my 2nd attempt, as the first got inexplicably damaged in the post. (Double boxed, bubble wrap, foam, paper - no movement we could spot = outside boxes undamaged but the sculpt had two broken leaves and a root.
    And of course you can’t insure art pieces (models/sculpts ) for damage in the uk (check the t&cs on all the couriers ) or get outside insurance. So I took a huge hit on this.

    It it was returned, and the buyer has been extremely patient as I build him a new one, which is possibly my best yet.

    but I am now at the point of needing to send the new one out and to say I’m nervous would be a gross understatement!

    Im thinking of wrapping it in plastic bags and using expandable foam to creat two half blocks that closely match the shape. Like the preformed polystyrene blocks they use for statues.
    Carving foam or poly blocks would be inaccurate and leave voids

    and although this would not be a cheap option, it’s better than a £400 sculpt getting damaged.

    any other suggestions greatfully received.

    (The damaged one has been rebuilt, and I might put it back up for sale, at shows - I.e carried home only.


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    Trouble is, stuff like that needs to becdrop proof and shock proof...might be worth putting in a larger box than before and really packing in those “Quaver” type polystyrene pieces, then surrounding that with the inflated plastic pocket thingys..the item inside needs to have zero movement when packed but be well away from sides top and bottom....