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Packaging for A5 homemade cards

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  • Packaging for A5 homemade cards

    Hi all,
    Putting this all down to experience, but it's still annoying lol...
    Over the last few weeks, I have invested in various packaging for various items. I have checked sizes etc and of course some items fit and some do not, so learning as I go.
    I was asked to make a Get Well card and I have flat-packed A5 white boxes, described as 'A5 Postal / Postage/ Protection Greeting Card Boxes for Cardmakers'...'and allow a little extra room for you to wrap in tissue etc'
    So, I presumed the card would fit in the box with an envelope.
    The card fits, but not the envelope
    I am guessing that if any of you use similar boxes for posting the card, you then put only the card inside, close the box, then wrap the box in brown paper, sellotape, label and the customer has the white boxed card to give instead of card and envelope?

    Any tips?
    It just seems packaging costs will end up costing me more and more lol
    Thank you for looking

    Lynn x

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    I use an C4 board backed envelope to post A5 sized card with it's C5 sized envelope.

    I've also made my own board backed envelopes by robbing the card from another envelope or using the backing from an A4 sized notepad, cutting it down by a third and sticking it inside (at the end of) a C4 envelope. I then seal the C4 envelope and then crease and fold the envelope to where the board begins and seal with sellotape. I have found this to be the best way of ensuring my postage is not more than 100g for a large letter.

    I purchased some C4 board backed envelopes on ebay a while back and was amazed at how low cost they were so have been using those since.
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      I don't buy standard C5 envelopes for A5 cards as they are too big for my taste. I am a bit nit picky in that I like my card to be just a shade smaller than the envelope. The size that you need to be looking for is called greetings card envelopes, these are a bit smaller. I only use bigger envelopes if its a thick card, I'm a bit crazy with making three dimensional cards that are quite deep.

      Forgot to say.....I check dimensions in mm before I buy anything.


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        I used to have this problem so..I bought a card box which is the sort where you get it flat with the creases already on the card, you then fold it which takes a few mins only and then the corners fold in. I then took the card before folding and made a pattern of just one corner about 3" long each way, marked where the creases were and just used that to make my own size box. The area of the card is always what you measure plus say..5mm extra each way but the sides are about 1/2" to 3/4". I then wrap the cards in tissue paper before I box them. The box I make from 330 gsm card and it is strong enough to post as the sides end up doubled over. Costs me about 35p to make. Don't know about the postal costs as I only sent a few ages ago but all of my cards were boxed as they were so thick due to the layers.

        Hope this helps



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          Thank you all for your hints and tips, appreciated x


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            I've just checked the dimensions:

            210 x 150m - size of A5 card
            220 x 155 - size of greetings card envelope
            229 x 162 - size of C5 envelope


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              Thanks for that x


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                Thankyou x