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Joined Craft Juice - Now What?!

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  • Joined Craft Juice - Now What?!

    I've signed up to Craft Juice and just added a batch of products....don't really know what to do now?!

    I know we have the "beg for votes" forum on here, do people need to vote for my products to get them properly on the site?!

    Haven't got a clue!
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    people will vote for your items either prompted by you or as they browse. Once you get 5 votes, your item will be moved onto the popular crafts page and be tweeted about.
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      Brilliant, thank you so much!
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        Just joined this site myself to give it a go. For the "tweets" do you need a twitter account for this?
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          if you want to be able to tweet about it you need an account, but if your product gets 5 votes it will automatically be tweeted. you should get twitter any way as it's great for promotion.
          Here's my twitter tutorial to help you get started.

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            OOh I have just joined and trying to figure it all out so thank you for the advice above as wasn't sure how it worked!
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              I liked craftjuice through Facebook and then for the next few days my Facebook page got absolutely swamped with craftjuice items most of which were of no interest to me. Seemed rather counter productive to me as I had to scroll through what was unwanted spam so I've unliked it to get my Facebook page back. I'm obviously a techno dinosaur as it obviously works for lots of other people but I think I should leave well alone.



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                David you can unsuscribe from the posts by going on the little cog so you can go on the page but it doesnt spam your feed
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                  I've just signed up for craftjuice, so shall be interested to see how it works.


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                    Ive been thinking of joining craft juice, thank you for the information i may just do it now


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                      Hi... I've just joined and submitted 2 items. How do I 'like' other people's work? Is it just the FB like button?
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                        I must be like David on the techno front as I don't understand why one should like or follow someone if they then swamp your feeds. and what is the point of following/liking if you then don't want to see posts! If all do this then where is the benefit to the users who think their items are going to be seen via Craftjuice etc?
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                          The idea is not to swamp your facebook.. The problem is if you don't like many facebook feeds etc your likely to feel swamped.. For me it's about 1 in 100 updates I see on facebook but I like many pages that are updated many times a day..

                          The new way facebook works I should only show you a few items and not all of them.. I wonder why it's showing them all.. hmmm

                          Yesterday Craftjuice updated 37 times which is an update approx each 40mins..

                          Hope that helps

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